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On the trail of Napoleone di Buonaparte

Located approximately 160 km from the French mainland, this island’s culture is an amalgamation of the various foreign nations that have occupied Corsica over the years. The capital of Corsica is the city of Ajaccio, the birthplace of Napolean Bonaparte, perhaps Corsica’s most infamous son. Corsica has about 1000 km of coastline, much of accessible only from boat. Dramatic cliffs and mountains cover much of the island and deliver scenery you will not soon forget. Towards the southern part of the island is the city of Bonifacio, which lies on the 14 km wide Strait of Bonifacio, separating Corsica from Sardinia. The best way to see this charming city if from boat, when entering the harbour you will notice the chalk-white limestone cliffs and cannons lining the entrance. To the west are Les Calanches, famous for its dramatic and weathered pink cliffs. To the east lies Porto Vecchio, where you will find plenty of shopping and beautiful beaches. To the north is the Cap Corse peninsula. Rugged coastline, ancient fishing villages and old Genovese ruins are all things you will find here. The oldest areas of Corsica, Ajaccio, Bastia, and Corte, are home to the island’s best museums and fortresses.
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