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Discover Sardinia

Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean and a spectacular holiday destination. Located just a short distance from the Italian mainland in the west Mediterranean, its stunning coastline is peppered with beautiful secluded beaches, small inlets, and offshore islands.

Unique Excursions

On shore, there’s plenty to see and do, whether you are an adventure seeker or a culture enthusiast. Sardinia’s mountainous interior is superb for biking or hiking, while picturesque towns are festooned with boutiques, eateries, galleries, and museums. Alternatively, enjoy exclusive golf courses, lavish spas, or ultra-exclusive beach clubs.

Sardinia Charter - Visit Gorgeous Towns

Sardinia in Style

There is no question that the best way to explore everything this Mediterranean island offers is by luxury yacht. On a Sardinia yacht charter, you can enjoy a tailored experience that precisely meets your desired getaway. Sold on a Sardinia yacht charter? Contact the charter brokers at Moran Yacht & Ship and let us create an incredible Sardinia yacht charter vacation experience just for you.

Why charter a yacht in Sardinia?

There are thousands of reasons to charter a yacht in Sardinia. Here are several compelling reasons why you should book a Sardinian yacht charter today.

  • Incredible Italian cuisine
  • Ultra-exclusive beach clubs
  • Beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters
  • World-class marinas designed for superyachts with superb amenities
  • Vibrant cities and picturesque towns bursting with culture
  • Fantastic wineries and olive groves
  • Multiple airports provide ease of access
  • Safe and friendly, with a superb infrastructure and service providers catering to HNW and UHNW individuals
Sardinia Beach Club

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No matter where you want to cruise, Moran Yacht & Ship experts will create a unique cruising itinerary. We have access to the best superyachts for charter in Sardinia, and our team will go out of their way to guarantee a once-in-a-lifetime vacation on the water. Contact our yacht charter brokers today.

Sardinia Yacht Charter FAQ

There’s a superb selection of things to see and do during a Sardinia yacht charter holiday. Some must-dos include:

  • Soak up the sun at one of Sardinia’s exclusive beach clubs, such as the legendary Nikki Beach.
  • Visit Cagliari, Sardinia’s capital city. Explore elegant boutiques, restaurants, and fascinating historical sites and attractions, including the beautiful Cathedral of Saint Mary and Poetto.
  • Cruise to Asinara Island, just off Sardinia’s coast. The crystal-clear turquoise waters here are ideal for making the most of your yacht’s many water toys.
  • Explore the picturesque Maddalena Archipelago National Park, which boasts Sardinia’s most picturesque shores.
  • Step ashore and visit the Roman city of Tharros, which features fascinating ancient ruins.
  • Shop till you drop in the designer boutiques of Porto Cervo, a fashion paradise for luxury lovers.
  • Dine at Sardinia’s Michelin-starred restaurants for a gourmet experience and superb Sardinian cuisine.
  • Sink below the waves and enjoy a scuba diving experience. With crystal-clear waters and fascinating wrecks to explore, there’s a dive experience to suit all levels.

Sardinia is a gastronomic destination offering a superb selection of eateries, from elegant local restaurants to Michelin-starred establishments. Some of the top restaurants in Sardinia include:

  • Fradis Minoris – 1 Michelin star
  • Somu – 1 Michelin star
  • Il Fuoco Sacro – 1 Michelin star
  • Dal Corsaro – 1 Michelin star
  • ConFusion – 1 Michelin star
  • Gusto by Sadler – 1 Michelin star

Nothing can match soaking up the Mediterranean sun at a luxury beach club. Whether you’re looking for one to see and be seen at or one with a more low-key vibe, you’re guaranteed to find a beach club that suits you on the island of Sardinia. Some of the best worth dropping anchor for during a luxury yacht charter include:

Phi Beach Club (Baja Sardinia)

Phi Beach is a renowned beach club located near Baja Sardinia on the Costa Smeralda. It offers a stunning setting with music events, cocktails, and VIP services, attracting a chic and sophisticated crowd. A highlight is its exclusive party terrace – The Rock – carved into the cliff edge. With its own private entrance, it’s ideal for those seeking the ultimate in exclusivity and privacy.

Caladei Saraceni Beach Club (Porto Cervo)

Situated in Porto Cervo, this beach club is known for its stylish atmosphere, beautiful beachfront setting, and high-quality services. It’s a popular choice for those looking for a luxurious beach experience and is a sought-after spot with superyacht charterers and owners. Take a tender ashore and enjoy a delightful day savoring the delights of this elegant club, including delicious, locally caught seafood, handcrafted cocktails, and plush sunbeds right on the beach.

Pitrizza Beach Club (Porto Cervo)

Associated with the Hotel Pitrizza, this beach club offers luxury services, including private cabanas, gourmet dining, and a pristine beachfront. Hotel Pitrizza’s beach is considered one of the most tranquil and secluded in Costa Smeralda, making this a wonderful destination to truly unwind.

Nikki Beach (Costa Smeralda)

Enjoy a stunning seaside location coupled with gourmet specialties at the legendary Nikki Beach Costa Smeralda. Located in the beautiful bay of Cala Petra Ruja, this beach club is only accessible by private yacht, adding a heightened sense of exclusivity. Popular with VIPs and A-list celebrities, Nikki Beach Sardinia is a must.

Matushia Beach (Costa Smeralda)

Considered the place to be in Sardinia, this achingly hip beach club combines relaxation and fun, regularly hosting extravagant VIP parties. Located in the wonderful Li Triceddi Cove, the private beach of the exclusive Hotel Cala di Volpe, Matushia Beach offers an elegant retreat. Enjoy delicious cuisine, refined relaxation spots, and easy access to the wonderful Mediterranean Sea.

Moran Yacht & Ship can make reservations for you at the most exclusive beach clubs in Sardinia. Contact our team today.

Some of the best beach clubs in Turkey include:

Anhinga by OD, Turkey

This newly opened beach club perched on the Aegean Coast at Kaplankaya offers a relaxed vibe perfect for a sun-drenched day at the beach. Enjoy delicious Turkish cuisine with a modern twist and comfy beach lounge areas, coupled with a stunning backdrop of pine-covered hills and crystal-clear waters.

Yalli Beach Club & Restaurant

Located just moments away from Kalkan Harbor, this beach club offers an excellent restaurant and an option of lounge spots, from the terrace to the sandy beach, boasting panoramic views of Kalkan.

Blue Beach Club & Bar

Located at the exclusive Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum, soak up the sun on a private cabana and enjoy spectacular views of the Turkish coastline. The beach club restaurant serves a selection of delicious items, from traditional Turkish kebabs to pizzas and homemade ice creams.

Beach Club

Located in Bodrum, Beach Club, The Bodrum Edition, offers the ultimate in elegance, with a minimal yet sophisticated aesthetic. Lounge around the stunning infinity pool, on one of the overwater cabanas, or from one of the beach beds right on the water’s edge. Soak up stunning views of the Aegean Sea while enjoying a handcrafted cocktail or party the night away with international DJs spinning the latest hits.

Baglioni Hotel – Sardinia


Situated within the scenic Tavolora Marine Reserve, this exquisite five-star hotel is surrounded by nature, offering proximity to the breathtaking Lu Impostu Beach and Sardinia’s premier wine region. Delight in the culinary excellence of Gusto by Sadler, the resort’s Michelin-starred restaurant, indulge in the refined spa facilities and relax by the sophisticated swimming pool, adorned with exclusive private cabanas.

Hotel Pitrizza – Costa Smeralda

Tender up to the resort’s jetty and enjoy this resort’s spectacular five-star offerings during your Sardinia yacht charter. Designed to blend perfectly with nature, Hotel Pitrizza is located on one of the most tranquil and secluded bays in Costa Smeralda and offers an idyllic sanctuary to relax and unwind. Enjoy the hotel’s infinity pool, private beach, or gourmet restaurants for an unforgettable experience.

Hotel Romazzino  – Costa Smeralda

Enjoy Mediterranean elegance and timeless style at this Belmond five-star Sardinia hotel during your luxury yacht charter, frequented by celebrities and VIPs. Indulge in the hotel’s captivating beach, chef-led dining, and range of fitness facilities, including tennis courts and multiple trails for running.

As a popular superyacht destination, it will come as no surprise that the island of Sardinia has multiple world-class marinas.

Popular marinas in Sardinia include:

Porto Cervo Marina

Located on the northeastern coast of Sardinia, Porto Cervo is a renowned luxury marina in the Costa Smeralda area, popular with the world’s largest superyachts. This full-service marina offers superb facilities, including nearby designer shopping and exclusive restaurants.

Porto Rotondo Marina

Protected by a small natural bay, Porto Rotondo Marina is another prestigious marina on the Costa Smeralda. Porto Rotondo offers modern facilities, a strategic location, and stunning surroundings.

Marina di Villasimius

Situated on the southern coast of Sardinia, near the town of Villasimius, this marina is known for its clear waters and beautiful surroundings. Marina di Villasimius is located within the Marine Protected Area of Capo Carbonara, with stunning beaches just a short cruise away.

Marina di Portisco

Located in the northeastern part of the island, Marina di Portisco is a well-equipped marina with various services for boaters. In Portisco, you’ll find wonderful boutiques, cafes, and exquisite cuisine.

Cagliari Marina

This small marina is located in Sardinia’s capital city, Cagliari, and is a great berthing option for exploring the delights of this historical city. The marina also offers a good selection of amenities.

Alghero Marina

In the northwest of Sardinia, Alghero Marina is near the historic town of Alghero, offering a blend of history and modern amenities.

Marina di Olbia

Positioned in the northeastern part of the island, near Olbia, this marina is a hub for yachting and sailing activities. It’s less than a mile from the Costa Smeralda Airport, making it a popular embarkation destination.

As a superyacht hotspot, you’ll find a fabulous selection of yachts for charter in Sardinia. Some of the most popular types of charter vessels include:

Motorboats for charter

Motorboats are the most popular charter vessels. Enjoy a superb choice, including motorboats built by pedigree shipbuilders. A motorboat offers a fantastic selection of amenities and enhanced accessibility, with many featuring elevators, providing easy access to all decks.

Superyachts for charter

A superyacht is the yacht of choice for those seeking limitless levels of luxury. Superyachts represent the largest charter vessels in Sardinia. Expect incredible onboard amenities, including helipads, full spa facilities, fully equipped gyms, and an incredible selection of tenders and toys.

Planing yachts for charter

Planing yachts, or sport yachts, are great for covering larger distances as these vessels are designed for speed. The ideal choice for those who want to enjoy the thrill of zipping along the Sardinian coastline at high speeds.

Full displacement yachts for charter

These yachts are designed to cut through waves, offering enhanced stability. Full displacement motor yachts are a great option for those seeking ultimate onboard comfort.

Catamarans for charter

Mutli-hull vessels, including catamarans, are growing in popularity. These vessels boast a wide beam and, therefore, incredible interior volume compared to similarly classed vessels. They also offer enhanced stability and shallower drafts, ensuring they can access smaller coves and marinas. A great option for larger groups of friends or families seeking larger breakout areas.

Expedition vessels for charter

Expedition yachts are built for cruising the world’s most remote regions. They boast superb onboard facilities and are often packed with an enhanced selection of tenders, toys, and even submersibles. The vessel of choice with thrill seekers who want to maximize time on the water.

No matter what type of luxury yacht you would like to charter, Moran Yacht & Ship can connect you with your ideal vessel. Contact our team today or browse our selection of Sardinia charter yachts below.

The best time to visit Sardinia is during the summer months when you can enjoy wonderfully warm temperatures and sun-drenched days. The shoulder seasons – fall and spring – are also superb times to visit. While the temperatures will likely be a little cooler than in the summer, a key benefit is that Sardinia will be less crowded, providing a more intimate experience.

Average temperatures in Sardinia

  • Summer (June to August): During the summer months, Sardinia can experience high temperatures, with averages ranging from around 25 to 30 degrees Celsius (77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit). In July and August, temperatures can sometimes exceed 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) or more.
  • Spring (March to May) and Fall (September to November): During the shoulder seasons, temperatures are milder. Spring temperatures range from around 15 to 25 degrees Celsius (59 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit), while autumn temperatures can be similar. These seasons are often considered pleasant for outdoor activities.
  • Winter (December to February): Winters in Sardinia are relatively mild compared to many other European destinations. Average temperatures during the winter months typically range from 8 to 15 degrees Celsius (46 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit).

Average water temperatures in Sardinia

  • Summer (June to August): During the summer, the sea around Sardinia is at its warmest, with water temperatures ranging from approximately 22 to 26 degrees Celsius (72 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit). This is the ideal time to maximize all your yacht’s tenders and water toys.
  • Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November): In the shoulder seasons, water temperatures are cooler than in summer but still comfortable. Spring temperatures may range from around 15 to 19 degrees Celsius (59 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit), and autumn temperatures can be similar.
  • Winter (December to February): Winter brings cooler water temperatures, with averages ranging from around 13 to 15 degrees Celsius (55 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit). While it may be too chilly for swimming in winter, the coastal areas remain picturesque, and it’s still possible to use water toys such as kayaks and jet skis to explore Sardinia’s coastline.

No matter what time of year you want to rent a luxury motor boat in Sardinia, Moran Yacht & Ship can help.

Sardinia is a popular Italy yacht charter destination, so for the best selection of vessels, you should book as far in advance as possible. However, it’s still possible to book last-minute getaways, as long as you are flexible around the charter vessel and dates. If you want to book a luxury yacht charter in Sardinia, contact the charter experts at Moran Yacht & Ship.

The number of crew members on a luxury yacht charter will differ, and you will typically find more crew the larger the vessel. Generally, the crew on a luxury yacht includes:

  • Captain: Responsible for navigation, safety, and overall management of the yacht.
  • Chef or Cook: Prepares meals and ensures the culinary aspect of your charter is exceptional.
  • Steward(ess): Attend to guests, handle housekeeping duties, and provide excellent service.
  • Deckhands: Assist with various tasks, including handling ropes, water toys, and general maintenance.

For smaller yachts, expect a crew of around 4 to 5, while the largest superyachts will often boast a crew above 20. The larger the yacht, the more likely you will have specialized crew members, including an engineer, masseuse, personal trainer, sommelier, or dive instructor. Your yacht’s crew is there to enhance your overall experience, providing a high level of service, catering to your needs, and ensuring the safety and smooth operation of the yacht.

Specific crew arrangements can be discussed with your charter broker, and it’s often possible to customize the crew to meet your preferences and requirements.

Most yacht charters are limited to a maximum number of 12 guests, even if their cabin figuration means they can technically sleep a higher number of guests. Charter vessels are normally limited to 12 guests due to the additional compliance and regulations they must meet to be able to carry more guests. However, there are charter vessels that can sleep more than 12 guests. Moran Yacht & Ship can help connect you with your ideal vessel, whether you are looking for a refined motor yacht for your immediate family or a mega yacht that can carry a large group of friends. Contact our team today and let us make your Sardinia vacation a reality.

Every yacht is unique, so amenities vary from vessel to vessel. The amenities aboard your luxury yacht will also depend on its size, with larger vessels having the most extensive selection. Below are some of the amenities you can find on a Moran Yacht & Ship Sardinia charter vessel:

  • Swimming pool, ideal for fitness and enjoying a refreshing dip under the Sardinian sunshine. All yacht pools are heated to just the right temperature, and some boast counter-currents.
  • Hot tub, a popular social hub on luxury yachts, typically located on the bow, aft deck, or flybridge. Enjoy a restorative soak while indulging in spectacular views of the sea. Have your yacht’s crew provide you with handcrafted cocktails made just to your liking
  • Helipad, ideal for providing seamless and ultra-private access to land-based attractions.
  • Fully equipped gym, including treadmills, bikes, ellipticals and free weights.
  • Spa and wellness facilities, including saunas, steam rooms, hammams, treatment rooms, and yoga or meditation studios.
  • Cinema with state-of-the-art audio equipment, ideal for family movie nights! Have your crew prepare your favorite treats, from popcorn to hot dogs, for the ultimate cinematic experience.
  • Beach Club, typically located aft, the beach club provides easy access to the warm Sardinian waters and is often festooned with sun pads and lounges. Many also include a bar.
  • Tenders and water toys, including snorkeling gear, jet skis, Seabobs, stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, inflatables, and scuba diving equipment.
  • Voluminous salons and staterooms, including additional staff cabins.
  • Entertainment equipment, including pianos, DJ stations, and even nightclubs.
  • Elevators, ideal for those seeking enhanced accessibility to all decks.

No matter what amenities you would like aboard your luxury yacht, Moran Yacht & Ship can connect you with your ideal vessel. Contact our team today if you would like to enjoy a luxury yacht charter in Sardinia.

The cost of renting a yacht in Sardinia will depend on several factors, including the size of the vessel and the length of your charter holiday in Sardinia. The base charter fee entry point for a luxury yacht charter in Sardinia starts at around US$200,000 per week and rises to in excess of one million for the world’s finest vessels. The base charter fee covers the rental cost of the vessel and the crew, with additional costs including the Advance Provisioning Allowance and VAT. Moran Yacht & Ship has access to the finest yachts for charter in Sardinia, including incredible motor yachts and superyachts by pedigree shipbuilders. Contact our team today and let us connect you with your dream Sardinia yacht for charter.

The Advanced Provisioning Allowance, commonly referred to as APA, is an additional charge applied on top of the base charter rate for Sardinia boat charters. This provision covers various non-fixed expenses, including fuel, mooring fees, and provisioning, such as food and drinks. Your luxury yacht charter broker will assess and determine the anticipated APA costs. This amount is paid in advance, and the Captain utilizes the APA funds to address expenses throughout your luxury yacht charter. Upon completion of the charter, a comprehensive summary of all costs will be provided, and any remaining funds in the APA will be promptly refunded to you. On average, the APA is estimated to be around 10% of the base charter rate.

To enter Sardinia, US citizens must possess a valid passport with an expiration date of at least three months beyond their planned departure. Visa requirements are not applicable for a stay of up to 90 days in Sardinia. Although not obligatory, obtaining travel and health insurance is recommended. If you are interested in a private yacht charter in Sardinia, Italy, Moran Yacht & Ship can help. Our charter brokers can also provide guidance on entry requirements based on your citizenship. Feel free to reach out to our team for more information.

The airport you fly into will depend on your embarkation point in Sardinia as well as your point of departure. Airports in Sardinia include:

  • Cagliari Elmas Airport (CAG): Located in the capital city of Cagliari, it is the largest airport in Sardinia and the primary international gateway to the island.
  • Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport (OLB): Serving the northeastern part of Sardinia, Olbia Airport is one of the busiest airports on the island and a key entry point for the Costa Smeralda region.
  • Alghero-Fertilia Airport (AHO): Situated in the northwest of Sardinia, Alghero Airport serves the city of Alghero and the surrounding areas.

Your luxury yacht charter broker will advise on the best airport to fly into and will help assist with transportation arrangements to and from your luxury yacht.

The island of Sardinia is part of Italy, and the Euro is its official currency. Credit and debit cards are also widely accepted, as are contactless payments such as Apple Pay.

Moran Yacht & Ship has a stunning collection of superyachts for rent in Sardinia. Our Sardinia yacht charter brokers pride themselves on curating incredible getaways on the water, taking care of every detail to ensure a vacation that perfectly aligns with your desired holiday experience. We will listen to your needs and provide you with the right vessel, itinerary, and crew. We have unparalleled knowledge of the Mediterranean region, including Sardinia. If you want to charter a luxury yacht in Sardinia, contact the Moran Yacht & Ship team of Sardinia yacht brokers today.