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With an experienced luxury yacht construction team comprised of former superyacht captains, engineers, and project management specialists, Moran Yacht & Ship has successfully negotiated, managed, and completed over $3 billion in new yacht-build projects. This incredible statistic is unmatched by any other brokerage company in the world.

Why build with Moran Yacht & Ship?

Over the past 36 years, Moran’s yacht construction management team has been actively involved in successfully building over 60 of the finest quality new superyacht construction projects globally. Contact our new build project management team today to learn how we can help you build your next custom luxury yacht in partnership with the leading megayacht builders in the industry.

Discover how our yacht build process is different

Before the keel is even laid, our yacht project management team compiles an all-encompassing marine specification. We then negotiate a comprehensive yacht-building contract that protects our clients from delays and additional costs. We assemble an experienced yacht build team that includes only the best naval architects, interior and exterior designers, and project managers to bring your dream yacht to life.

Unlike many of our competitors, who disappear as soon as the yacht build contract is signed, our accomplished team will remain in place through final delivery to ensure a smooth yacht construction process and complete satisfaction. As a further courtesy to our clients, we remain with the vessel in a yacht management capacity to take care of any warranty items and ensure hassle-free day-to-day operations.

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Our Results Speak For Themselves

Whether you are looking to build a semi-custom motor yacht or build a custom superyacht, you can be certain that the new yacht construction team at Moran Yacht & Ship has the experience, knowledge, and capability to deliver the boat build of your dreams. Our experience ensures that you will take delivery of your vessel on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.

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Luxury Yacht Builders

Choosing the right yacht builder and shipyard is imperative for a successful new yacht construction project. Learn more about some of the builders our yacht project management team works with and recommends.

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Yacht Construction FAQs

The experts and brokers at Moran Yacht & Ship have been in the industry for a long time and oversee many superyacht construction projects. Their expertise will support you at every stage of the new build process, ensuring your exact requirements are met. This includes:

  • Informed selection of builder and shipyard
  • Choice of interior and exterior designer
  • Development and negotiation of the technical specification
  • Negotiation of the build contract and price
  • Project management throughout the build process

The cost of building a yacht from scratch is based on multiple factors, including the size of the vessel, materials used, the complexity of the design, technology, propulsion systems, interior design features, onboard amenities, and the shipyard and designers used. Expect building a luxury boat to cost anywhere from $2 million to more than $300 million. Working with an experienced new build project management team, such as the experts at Moran Yacht & Ship, offers a cost-effective solution by ensuring builds remain within budget.

There are multiple benefits to building a yacht as opposed to buying a pre-owned yacht. When you build your own yacht, you enjoy the benefits of a fully customized vessel to meet your precise requirements, from its naval architecture and size to its cruising capabilities, layout, onboard technology, amenities, and interior design. A custom yacht will be tailored to suit your lifestyle and desired experiences.

Also, when you build your yacht, you won’t have to worry about pre-existing conditions. A new build yacht will come fully warranted, providing protection from future mechanical repairs and providing complete peace of mind.

Finally, Moran Yacht & Ship ensures that building a yacht is indulgently fun. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with a team of highly experienced boat-building professionals to create something truly extraordinary, from sketch board to on the water. Nothing matches the thrill of building your own yacht with even the smallest details tailored to your precise requirements. Indeed, a custom yacht offers the ultimate lifestyle purchase.

  • Lurssen
    Since 1875, the northern German shipyard has produced some of the finest vessels on the superyacht market. This pedigree shipyard is known for innovating and utilizing cutting-edge technology. Lurssen continually breaks records, including developing both the longest superyacht in the world (AZZAM) and the biggest luxury superyacht in the world (DILBAR).
  • Amels
    This Dutch shipyard officially entered the yachting sphere with the superyacht KATALINA, now named LADY GEORGINA, in 1982. The luxury boat builder specializes in motor boats, constructing both full custom as well as their highly sought-after semi-custom Limited Editions yacht series.
  • Oceanco
    Oceanco is a pedigree boat builder and industry pioneer based in the Netherlands. The shipbuilder is renowned for building award-winning custom vessels up to 200 meters, both motor yachts and sailing vessels. The Dutch shipyard specializes in building innovative, high-quality superyachts that push the boundaries of shipbuilding.
  • Feadship
    Also among the world’s most notable superyacht manufacturers is Feadship, a full custom motor yacht builder known for its uncompromising pursuit of perfection. The pedigree shipbuilder is located in Holland and boasts a long history stretching back to 1949.

Moran Yacht & Ship boasts strong relationships with the world’s leading shipyards and has project managed some of the world’s most luxurious custom superyachts. Contact us today if you want to build a luxury boat.

European countries, including the Netherlands, Italy, France, and Germany, dominate when it comes to the best shipyards, thanks to their rich maritime heritage, skilled craftsmanship, and use of exceptionally high-quality materials.

Overall, the more prestigious the shipyard, the longer the waiting time will be. Current waiting times for some of the most prestigious builders are around 4 to 5 years.

The build time for a yacht can vary significantly depending on the project’s size, specifications, and complexity. Generally, superyacht construction times at pedigree shipyards range from 36 to 39 months.

Our new construction team is known for delivering our client’s projects on time and within budget.

Megayacht hulls are typically made from fiberglass, aluminum, or steel, and the choice of material will depend on the budget, yacht design, and how the owner wishes the vessel to perform.


A fiberglass hull is known for its excellent sea-keeping capabilities and ease of maintenance.


Aluminum offers excellent strength and durability. As a relatively lightweight material, it also provides better fuel economy and enables a yacht to reach higher speeds.


Steel is an exceptionally strong and durable material with high resistance to abrasion, making it popular with ocean-cruising yachts, especially expedition vessels. However, it is heavier than fiberglass or aluminum, making it less popular with owners wishing to build a yacht where speed is a priority.

Overall, there is no standardized definition of what makes a yacht. Mostly, the term yacht applies to vessels over 24 meters, where regulations for ownership change as well. The term yacht can equally define a motor boat or sailing vessel. Additionally, terms like superyacht,  megayacht, or gigayacht are often used to describe the most luxurious and largest ocean-going vessels.

As a moveable asset, whether you have to pay VAT – Value Added Tax – can be complex. Generally speaking, whether you have to pay VAT will depend on the country the owner is acquiring the yacht from and their country of residence. The VAT may also depend on the intended use of the vessel. Every country has different VAT rules and regulations. It is always a good idea to consult with a local tax professional with expert knowledge of the yachting industry to mitigate any potential tax liabilities.

Building a new luxury boat can be an expensive endeavor and is a significant investment. Various financing options are available to those interested in purchasing or building a yacht. Financing typically involves one of three different solutions:

  • Bank loans
  • Portfolio loans
  • Private lenders

Bank loans are a popular option for financing a yacht construction. Many banks offer boat loans, which are similar to auto loans in terms of loan structure and required collateral.

Portfolio loans have become more popular for financing new construction projects. A number of institutions offer these and often have very favorable rates.

Private lenders also offer funding for boat construction. These lenders typically offer more lenient terms compared to banks. However, interest rates can be higher, and a larger down payment is often required.

The cost of running a yacht depends on many factors, including:

  • Maintenance needs: they will also grow with the age of the yacht
  • Size: the larger the yacht, the more crew is required
  • Time spent cruising: fuel expenses increase with the cruising range
  • Insurance costs
  • Location: dockage and mooring fees will vary

Overall, a rule of thumb is that luxury yachts cost around 10% of their purchase price per year. This percentage is typically reduced slightly as the size of the boat increases.

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