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Yacht Safety & Compliance

Moran Yacht Management considers yacht safety and compliance a culture, both onboard our yachts and ashore. We follow yacht regulations rigorously for your safety.

Yacht Regulations: Managing Yacht Safety & Compliance

The safety and security of the Owner, family and guests, crew and the valuable yacht are paramount.

Yacht safety and compliance is maintained through stringent observance of yacht regulations, including the International Safety Management (ISM) and International Security Codes (ISPS). For most large vessels these yacht regulations are mandatory – we consider everyone’s safety and security to be a culture aboard the yachts and ashore.

Moran simplifies the entire yacht safety and compliance process with Flagship software. Flagship is a secure, cloud based state-of-the-art vessel management system that allows us to manage all aspects of the yacht. The software effectively organizes and maintains all the yachts tasks and issues, documents, planned yacht maintenance, crew list, vendor jobs, inventory, spares and ISM Management in one centralized and secure system. This streamlines the reporting process as well as provides a transparent, easy to understand structure that allows the owner and all other relevant personnel to view and monitor how the vessel is operating on a real time basis. The software is continually updated by our professionals to reflect the latest and best in management techniques.

ISM / ISPS (For commercial yachts over 500 gross tons)

  • Create, implement, and oversee a Safety Management System (SMS) tailored specifically to your vessel
  • Create, implement, and oversee a Ship’s Security Plan (SSP)
  • Provide a Designated Person Ashore (DPA) and Company Security Officer (CSO), as well as deputies, who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for any kind of situation that arises.
  • Preform audits and provide reports to ensure vessel is meeting all Flag and Class yacht regulation requirements as well as the company’s ISM and ISPS protocols.

Yacht Safety and Compliance Management for Yachts under 500 GT

For any vessel under 500 gross tons, commercial or private pleasure, Moran Yacht Management believes that the Safety Management System should be installed aboard so that the crew are operating to the highest professional level, no matter the size of the yacht.