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Planned maintenance is key to vessel reliability and value

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Planned Maintenance

A planned maintenance system increases the safety and reliability of any yacht, significantly reducing the risk of operational performance failure. To ensure the full team are prepared and drilled on maintenance and safety. Moran Yacht Management, working together with crew, sets up planned maintenance procedures in accordance with Manufacturer’s Guidelines, Classification Society, Regulations and Flag State Requirements. We have also extended the concept of planned maintenance to all departments. Our planned maintenance systems are set up so the owner can monitor its observance aboard, view upcoming maintenance, and manage downtime to suit his schedule. Managers are hands on. They make regular visits to ensure that all is well and to liaise with crew for ongoing maintenance and yacht operations.

Flagship Software

Moran Yacht Management recognizes that software can be a valuable tool in the management of a vessel.  We also recognize that this software must be intuitive and easy to use with a minimum of familiarization and training. Our observation is that good software creates an open environment that helps seagoing personnel, shore-side management, and the ownership to record and access all relevant data in real time on a well regulated, well maintained, and safe yacht.