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Sell a Luxury Yacht with Expert Superyacht Brokers

Selling a yacht can be a significant enterprise, and with a transaction of such size, it is imperative to consult the services of experienced luxury superyacht brokers.

With over three decades of brokerage sales and purchases and countless time spent working at sea, our Moran Yacht & Ship superyacht brokers offer clients an unparalleled level of technical knowledge and experience when selling a yacht – alongside the resources and relationships needed to execute their transactions successfully.

Moran’s Yacht Selling Process

We understand that listing your yacht with a brokerage is a significant undertaking. We have streamlined our yacht selling process to ensure the timely sale of your yacht. By listing your yacht with an experienced international yacht brokerage like Moran, you are guaranteed to receive professional advice and support that results in a smooth, successful yacht sales transaction.

Choosing the Right Yacht Sales Broker

When Moran Yacht & Ship is appointed as the exclusive agent for the sale of a vessel, one of our certified yacht brokers will set the yacht-selling process in motion. All Moran brokers are qualified, experienced, and certified, and we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable about the latest market trends and yacht valuations. A dedicated yacht broker will keep you informed of the latest developments and progress of your yacht sale throughout the entire process.

Sell A Yacht - Superyacht Sales Brokers

Marketing & Promotion

As an established, internationally recognized brokerage, we have extensive marketing resources. Moran’s yacht sales and marketing team go to work developing and implementing a tailored strategy to achieve a speedy and successful sale. Our luxury yacht brokers immediately start promoting the vessel on a global scale directly to a targeted lists of individuals. By employing a proactive approach of direct contact with these individuals, including telephone, email, mailings, and face-to-face meetings, our superyacht brokers have produced astonishing yacht sales for our clients.

Sell Your Yacht - Yacht Marketing and Yacht Promotion


We will coordinate with interested parties to provide yacht tours and answer any questions. When a buyer expresses interest, your dedicated Moran broker will handle the negotiation process, including price, terms, and conditions. Our main objective is to achieve the best possible deal for yacht owners while ensuring the buyer’s needs are met.

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Contracts & Closing

Once an agreement is reached, Moran will assist in drafting the sales contract and will also help manage any necessary documentation, such as surveys, inspections, and title transfers. A yacht broker will work to facilitate a smooth closing process, which involves the exchange of funds, transfer of ownership, and the finalization of the sale.

Sell a yacht - yacht closing and sale

Superyacht Brokers You Can Count On

The fact remains that Moran Yacht sales have been consistent and timely for well over three decades, resulting in a reputation our luxury yacht brokers are now renowned for.

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Why list your yacht with Moran?

  • Established yachting network
  • Expert yacht market insights
  • Knowledgeable yacht sales brokers
  • In-house yacht valuation
  • Seamless yacht selling process
  • Professional yacht marketing
  • Objective advice
  • Legal and financial advice
  • Post-sale support

Request a Valuation for Your Yacht

Our yacht brokers are experienced valuers and will determine the fair market value of your vessel. We consider several factors when determining the value of your yacht, including its age, make and model, condition, size, equipment and accessories, maintenance history, location, and current market demand and conditions.

Yacht Sales FAQs

First, engage a professional broker to simplify the yacht selling process and help you navigate legal and financial aspects. Your yacht broker will then evaluate your yacht, taking into account the current yacht market and considering aspects like your yacht’s age, condition, size, and unique features. Next, your chosen yacht brokerage will begin the advertising phase, creating an enticing listing for your yacht with high-quality photos and a detailed description. Lastly, your yacht broker will negotiate a fair price with interested parties and conclude the yacht selling process by drafting a sales contract and providing post-sale assistance.

The top three places to sell your yacht are:

  1. Yacht Brokers – Yacht brokers are professionals who can help you market and sell your yacht. They have extensive networks and industry knowledge, which can be particularly valuable for high-value yachts.
  1. Yacht Shows and Expos – Participating in yacht shows and expos can expose your yacht to a large audience of potential buyers. It’s a great way to showcase your yacht’s features and meet buyers in person. The chances of selling your yacht at a yacht show are significantly better if a trusted yacht brokerage represents you.
  1. Online Yacht Marketplaces – Established yacht brokers have a broad reach and attract potential buyers worldwide to their website yacht listings. A solid social media presence also doesn’t go unnoticed by interested parties, and yacht shows are a great way to showcase superyachts for sale.

A well-presented, immaculate yacht with a competitive price and a professional listing will sell faster. A yacht sales broker who spends time on advertising and is responsive to inquiries ensures that the sale of your yacht is sped up. A visually appealing yacht that utilizes staging and decor and brokerages who offer further incentives to buyers will also increase the rate at which your yacht will be sold.

The resale value of a yacht refers to the estimated price a yacht can command on the secondary market when the owner decides to sell it. It is influenced by various factors such as the yacht’s age, brand, condition, size, features, market demand, and economic conditions.

Our team conduct extensive market research to assess the current state of the yacht market, considering recent sales and pricing trends for similar vessels. They then gather information about the yacht, including its make, model, year, size, equipment, amenities, and overall condition. The yacht’s history, maintenance records, usage (private or charter), and any notable upgrades or repairs are also carefully examined.

The reputation and perceived quality of the yacht’s manufacturer or brand are factored in, as well as its geographic location and market-specific demand. Comparable sales data is used to benchmark the yacht’s value, and any unique features, customizations, or recent upgrades are considered.

Ultimately, the broker’s experience and expertise in valuing yachts play a crucial role in arriving at a fair market value, which serves as the basis for setting an asking price that balances the seller’s expectations with the current market conditions, with the goal of attracting potential buyers and facilitating a successful sale.

Yachts typically depreciate in value over time. Like most luxury assets, they experience wear and tear, and their value diminishes as they age. However, the depreciation rate can vary depending on the yacht’s age, maintenance, brand, and market conditions. Regular maintenance, upgrades, and features that enhance a yacht’s appeal can slow down depreciation, and of course, buying a used yacht will produce less of a depreciation hit.

Yachts, as a general rule, do not typically go up in value. However, the depreciation rate can vary depending on the yacht’s age, condition, brand, and market demand. Well-maintained, high-end yachts with unique features may retain their value better than others. Since the pandemic, some pedigree yachts have sold for more than the original price because it means that interested parties don’t have to deal with a waiting period.