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At Moran Yacht & Ship, our customer focused approach is what defines us. Our dedicated team of professionals are committed to going above and beyond by using our substantial knowledge to create for you an unforgettable experience whether you want to build a new yacht, buy an award-winning yacht or charter a superyacht for an extraordinary vacation. At the forefront of the yachting industry, our team sets the standard toward which others measure. Don’t take it from us, our clients are more than happy to share their experiences.


I have been working with Moran Yacht & Ship for almost 20 years now and can tell you for certain that they are the most knowledgeable, professional, honest and hardworking company in the industry. Most importantly, they get deals done!

Lurssen Madsummer Yacht For Charter
Former Owner

By way of background, my business interests include controlling stakes in 3 publicly traded companies which operate vessels in the 500 to 5000dwt range. On average, one new vessel a year would be added to the fleet. As a result, I have access to in-house marine architects, engineers and construction supervisors. Consequently, when I decided to build my first large motor yacht, I did not feel I needed the services of a company like Moran Yacht & Ship. In any event, I was persuaded to let them negotiate on my behalf while I simultaneously held discussions with other building options. Moran Yacht & Ship understands yachts, their incredibly complex systems, and what constitutes a practical solution to various owners’ ideas. In short, I would not consider building another yacht without engaging Moran Yacht & Ship to provide the services they are so good in delivering.


Integrity and the relentless pursuit of the deal defines Moran Yacht & Ship - I am grateful that you were on this journey with me. This magical machine KISMET is the second yacht I’ve had built with Moran Yacht & Ship. KISMET has brought joy, hope, and the gift of discovery to many lives - including my own. You have made this world a better place!


Integrity, knowledge, sincerity - these are the words I attach to Moran Yacht & Ship. I have entrusted the Moran Yacht & Ship team to represent me for the past 18 years. They have overseen the construction of my previous yachts and are currently overseeing the construction of my new yacht. I chose Moran Yacht & Ship to represent me again as no other company in the world can do what they can.

M/Y Hermitage

Before we hired Moran Yacht & Ship to oversee the construction of our yacht, we had employed another brokerage - a London based company. Fortunately, we realized we had made a mistake and terminated our contract with that brokerage. For that, we will always be grateful. They were always at our side fighting on our behalf throughout the entire construction of our yacht. The Moran team are a seasoned group of professionals that are technically gifted and are some of the most hardworking individuals in the yachting business. We understand the huge amount of work, energy, knowledge, human and professional experience and abilities underlie their success. That is why we appreciate highly the Moran's help and support - we are proud and happy to name them our good friends.

Hermitage completed yacht profile
Former Owner

We are exceedingly thankful we chose Moran Yacht & Ship to represent us during the construction of our yacht. They are dedicated to the absolute highest standards. The level of attention to detail and overall quality of the yacht is phenomenal. Is there another yacht company in the business that is better than Moran Yacht & Ship? Not even close. Again, thank you!


We commissioned Moran Yacht & Ship to represent us during the construction of Aurora, a Lurssen built yacht. They provided me with first-class service as the liaison between myself, the shipyard and others. They oversaw the complete construction of my yacht and fought all the battles associated with such a large and complex project. The fit, finish and quality of my yacht are superb. I look forward to many more years onboard her with my family.

Moran Yacht & Ship Features Aurora Completed Yacht Project

When the decision was made to build a superyacht and accompanying support vessel, I realized I would need a top yacht brokerage company to represent and protect me throughout the arduous construction of two large vessels being built in two different countries. Moran Yacht & Ship negotiated the prices of both yachts with the Lurssen shipyard in Germany and the Damen shipyard in the Netherlands and oversaw the entire construction of both yachts. I would recommend Moran Yacht & Ship to anyone interested in building a large yacht.

Project SOLAR

I worked with numerous yacht brokerage companies for seven years in my attempt to build my dream yacht. I met Robert Moran in September 2011 and by March 2012 I had signed the contract to build SOLAR. He knows how to build yachts and get deals done.

Oceanco Project SOLAR Under Construction