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The Mediterranean coast of Spain and its Balearic islands offer a fantastic blend of Spanish culture, thriving nightlife, picturesque scenery, and fabulous cuisine.  Adventure along the sun-kissed coasts of the Mediterranean that will take you down to the islands of Ibiza, Mallorca, and Menorca for old-world charm, hidden bays, and secluded beaches.

As one of the undisputed top cruising destinations, charterers can expect over 3,000 miles of scenic Spanish coastlines that range from warm tropical beaches to much cooler green and rocky coastlines. Ready to embark on a Spain yacht rental? Contact the charter brokers at Moran Yacht & Ship.

Spain yacht charter highlights

  • Explore the Mediterranean coastline, renowned for its stunning beauty, vibrant culture, and historic landmarks, from the Balearic Islands to the Costa del Sol and beyond
  • Attend local festivals, explore historic landmarks, visit vineyards, and participate in authentic cultural experiences along the Spanish coast
  • Immerse yourself in Spain’s rich history, visiting ancient cities, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and charming coastal towns that blend Moorish, Roman, and Renaissance influences
  • Indulge in Spain’s renowned culinary scene, savoring exquisite seafood, tapas, and regional specialties
  • Take part in the vibrant nightlife scene, spanning from the Balearic party island of Ibiza to the booming techno clubs and sultry live jazz performances in Barcelona
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The Balearic Islands

Comprising Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera, the Balearics offer diverse cruising experiences. Explore secluded coves, vibrant nightlife, picturesque harbours, and stunning beaches.  Ibiza is known as one of the Mediterranean’s most exclusive party islands, home to world-renowned superclubs and ultra-chic beach clubs, while on the laid-back island of Formentera, you’ll find a quieter pace of life. No matter what style of yacht charter experience you are after, you’ll find your ideal island escape in the Spanish Balearics.

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The Costa del Sol

Along the southern coast, the Costa del Sol presents a mix of bustling ports like Marbella and quieter anchorages. Costa del Sol offers upscale marinas, luxury resorts, and access to historical sites. Andalusia alone has over 600 miles of coastline along two seas which meet at the Straits of Gibraltar. Discover the beauty of Andalusia’s coastline, with ports such as Malaga featuring Moorish influences, historic sites, and a vibrant cultural scene.

Costa del Sol - Yacht charters in Spain

The Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is a coastal region of Catalonia known for its breathtaking coastline, pretty ports of call and Medieval towns, superb beaches, and beautiful blue waters. It is also home to the stunning Cap de Creus Nature Reserve, with its rocky coastline and unique flora and fauna. Explore fascinating cities like Girona, feast at Michelin-starred restaurants, follow the Emporda D. O. Wine Route, or maximize quality time on the water from the luxurious surroundings of your own private yacht.

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Barcelona yacht charter

The sunkissed shores of Barcelona offer an exceptional cruising experience during a Spain yacht charter. Located on Spain’s northeastern coast, the vibrant city of Barcelona offers architectural wonders, exceptional cuisine, superb museums and galleries, and picturesque beaches. Explore iconic landmarks, such as the mesmerizing Sagrada Familia or soak up the sun on beaches like Noval Icarai and Bogatell.

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How can Moran Yacht & Ship’s yacht brokers help me book a Spain superyacht charter?

Moran Yacht & Ship is a leading yacht brokerage with vast experience in arranging crewed luxury yacht charters aboard the world’s finest vessels on the Spanish Coast. Our yacht brokers go to great lengths to provide you with the right yacht, itinerary, and crew to ensure an elevated luxury yachting experience. Contact us today.

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Spain Yacht Charter FAQs

A Spain yacht charter offers an array of captivating experiences along its diverse coastline. Here are some of the best things to see and do:

  • Discover the vibrant nightlife of Ibiza, stunning beaches, and UNESCO-listed Old Town, Dalt Vila
  • Visit Palma’s Gothic cathedral, explore charming villages, and relax on pristine beaches
  • Enjoy upscale dining, luxury shopping, and beach clubs along the Golden Mile in Marbella
  • Explore the Rock of Gibraltar, its caves, and iconic Barbary macaques
  • Visit historic landmarks like the Alcázar, and indulge in Andalusian cuisine in Seville
  • Barcelona provides charterers with the opportunity to explore Gaudí’s architectural wonders, stroll along Las Ramblas, and savour Catalan cuisine
  • Wander through the medieval streets of Girona and visit the Cathedral of Girona and the Jewish Quarter
  • Visit the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia, explore the historic centre, and indulge in paella
  • Discover Roman ruins, ancient theatres, and maritime history in Cartagena

Contact the yacht charter experts at Moran Yacht & Ship to start planning your motor yacht holiday in Spain.

There is a superb selection of luxury yachts for charter in Spain. Some of these include:

Displacement yachts for charter

Known for their stability and lower centre of gravity, a displacement yacht is the perfect vessel for long-distance cruising in various sea conditions on the Mediterranean Sea and causal cruising along the Spanish coast.

Planing yachts for charter

These yachts are designed for performance, agility, and responsiveness. They handle well at high speeds, offering a thrilling and dynamic experience for those on board a yacht charter in Spanish waters.

Semi-displacement yachts for charter

Semi-displacement yachts can operate efficiently at a range of speeds. At lower speeds, they behave similarly to displacement hulls, cutting through the water with less resistance, resulting in better fuel efficiency. As the speed increases, they transition to a partially planing mode, riding on the water surface rather than ploughing through it, allowing for increased speed without excessive power.

Trideck yachts for charter

Trideck yachts are known for their spaciousness, luxurious amenities, and the ability to provide various entertainment and relaxation options across multiple levels. These vessels cater to discerning clients seeking an elevated yachting experience in the Mediterranean.

Flybridge yachts for charter

The defining feature of a flybridge yacht is the raised deck above the main deck, often accessible via stairs or a ladder. This elevated space provides panoramic views of the surroundings, making it a popular area for socialising, dining, and enjoying the scenery.

Explorer yachts for charter

Explorer yachts have sturdy hulls and reinforced structures to withstand rough seas, ice conditions, and extended voyages. Their design emphasizes durability and safety for long-distance travel, making them ideal for those who wish to explore regions far from typical cruising grounds on a Spain luxury yacht charter.

Superyachts and mega yachts for charter

Superyachts and mega yachts are luxury vessels that exceed traditional yacht sizes, offering unparalleled comfort, amenities, and often extravagant features. They represent the pinnacle of luxury on the seas and are ideal for those who want to indulge in personalized service.

Multi-hull vessels for charter

The most common types of multi-hulls include catamarans and trimarans. Catamarans, in particular, are popular for chartering due to their stability, spaciousness, and comfort, making them an ideal choice for leisure cruising and vacations on the Spanish coast.

No matter what yacht type you seek, Moran Yacht & Ship experts can connect you with your ideal vessel. Contact our team or browse our selection of yachts for charter in Spain below and enjoy pure luxury in one of the world’s top charter destinations.

The best time to visit Spain on a yacht charter is during the summer months between June and August, although this can depend on your preferences and the specific regions you plan to explore along the Spanish coastline.

Spring (April to May) 

This period offers pleasant weather with mild temperatures, making it ideal for exploring Spain’s southern and eastern coasts. Crowds are fewer compared to the summer months.

Summer (June to August)

Summer is the high season for tourism along the Spanish coast. The weather is warm and perfect for beach activities and cruising. The Balearic Islands, including Mallorca and Ibiza, are popular destinations during this time.

Fall/Autumn (September to October)

Like spring, autumn offers mild temperatures, fewer crowds, and a more relaxed atmosphere. It’s a great time to cruise along the Spanish coastlines and explore historical towns.

Winter (November to March)

While the weather can be cooler, especially in northern Spain, the southern coast tends to be milder. Winter can be a quieter time for yacht charters, but it’s suitable for exploring cities and cultural sites.

The price of a yacht rental in Spain depends on the yacht’s size, the planned route, and the duration of the charter. Anticipate a minimum cost of US$200,000 per week for a luxury boat rental in Spanish waters, while the most exceptional superyachts can exceed a million dollars per week. Moran Yacht & Ship specializes in crafting outstanding water experiences aboard some of the world’s most exceptional yachts. Our selection of charter yachts showcases vessels built by renowned shipbuilders such as Lürssen, Feadship, Amels, Nobiskrug, and Oceanco. Get in touch with our team today for more information.

The Advanced Provisioning Allowance, or APA, is designed to cover non-fixed costs, such as fuel, berthing costs, and food and drinks. Your luxury yacht broker will provide an estimated APA based on your needs. The APA is paid before the charter, and the captain will use the funds to cover your day-to-day costs. Any funds left at the end of the charter will be immediately refunded to you, along with a full breakdown of all expenses. During your yacht charter experience, you are free to ask the captain for details of the APA, including what has been used and what remains. The APA typically costs around 10% of the base charter rate.

The type of amenities you can expect on a luxury yacht will depend on the size of the vessel, with larger yachts able to accommodate a larger number of amenities. Moran Yacht & Ship has access to a superb selection of Spanish motor yachts for charter, including the world’s largest vessels. Charterers can expect luxurious cabins with ensuite bathrooms, plush bedding, and stylish interiors that rival high-end hotel suites. Many luxury yachts also have professional chefs on board who craft exquisite meals tailored to guests’ preferences and dining areas that include formal dining spaces and al fresco options. Expansive decks featuring lounging areas, sun pads, Jacuzzis, and outdoor dining setups allow guests to enjoy the sea breeze and stunning views. Some of the biggest vessels ​​are equipped with various water toys for entertainment, such as jet skis, paddleboards, kayaks, wakeboards, snorkeling gear, and sometimes even a water slide.

Most yachts for charter can accommodate a maximum of 12 guests while cruising. However, some charter vessels can accommodate a larger number of guests. A luxury charter brokerage, like Moran Yacht & Ship, can secure a vessel based on your needs. Contact our team today.

While there is a superb selection of luxury Spanish motor yachts for charter, the best vessels are in high demand. We suggest booking a yacht charter in Spain as far in advance as possible, especially during the summer when the area is in peak season. However, last-minute bookings are available. Contact our team if you want to reserve a luxury Spain yacht for charter.

Spain is famous for its vibrant fiestas and festivals celebrating culture, traditions, and local heritage. Events like the Feria de Abril in Seville (April Fair), La Tomatina in Buñol (tomato throwing festival), and San Fermín in Pamplona (running of the bulls) offer unique cultural experiences.

The country also hosts numerous music festivals throughout the year, including events like Primavera Sound in Barcelona, Sonar Music Festival, and Starlite Festival in Marbella. Bullfighting and Flamenco Shows are part of the rich Spanish heritage that makes this country a bucket-list sailing destination. Experience traditional Spanish entertainment like bullfighting in cities where it’s practiced, such as Seville, and flamenco shows that capture the essence of Spanish culture.

The Copa del Rey Regatta in Palma de Mallorca and the Barcelona International Boat Show are notable events for sailing enthusiasts, while those wishing to explore local markets and food festivals can do so at San Sebastian Gastronomika and the Valencia Rice Festival.

The Spanish coast offers a range of ports and marinas suitable for berthing yachts, each with its own amenities and attractions. Here are some notable ports along the Spanish coast where you can berth your yacht:

Balearic Islands

  • Palma de Mallorca: Port de Mallorca, Real Club Náutico de Palma, and Club de Mar Mallorca are popular marinas in Palma.
  • Ibiza: Marina Ibiza and Ibiza Magna are prominent marinas on the island.
  • Menorca: Port de Mahón and Marina Menorca are options for berthing in Menorca.

Mainland Spain

  • Barcelona: Port Vell, Marina Port Forum, and Port Olímpic are among the marinas in Barcelona.
  • Valencia: Marina Real Juan Carlos I and Port of Valencia offer berthing facilities in Valencia.
  • Marbella: Puerto Banús is a luxurious marina in Marbella, attracting yachts along the Costa del Sol.

Southern Coast

  • Malaga: Puerto Deportivo de Benalmádena and Puerto Marina Benalmádena are marinas near Malaga.
  • Cadiz: Puerto Sherry in El Puerto de Santa María is a notable marina in the region.
  • Almeria: Puerto Deportivo de Almerimar and Marina Alcaidesa are options in the Almeria area.

These ports and marinas offer a range of services and amenities, such as berths for yachts of different sizes, fuel stations, restaurants, maintenance facilities, and easy access to nearby attractions and amenities. Depending on your cruising itinerary along the Spanish coast, these ports provide convenient options for berthing during your yacht charter.

The number of crew members will depend on the size of the vessel. At a minimum, you can expect at least three crew members, including a captain, deckhand, and stewardess, with the largest Spain yachts for charter boasting a crew in excess of 20 plus, including dive masters, and trained watersports operators, sommeliers, spa therapists, personal trainers, and a dedicated culinary team.

Moran’s expert yacht charter brokers recommend carrying euros (EUR) on your yacht charter, as it’s the official currency used in Spain and across most of Europe. Euros are widely accepted in Spain for various transactions, including payments for marina fees, dining, shopping, and other services related to your yacht charter.

The airport you’ll fly into largely depends on the specific departure location of your private yacht charter in Spain and the region you intend to explore. Here are some main airports that serve as convenient entry points for various regions along the Spanish coast:

  1. Barcelona-El Prat Airport (BCN):

If your yacht charter starts in Barcelona or along the northeastern coast of Spain, flying into Barcelona-El Prat Airport is convenient. This airport offers good connectivity and serves as a major international hub.

  1. Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI):

For charters commencing in the Balearic Islands, specifically in Palma de Mallorca or other major ports in the Balearics, Palma de Mallorca Airport is the primary entry point.

  1. Alicante–Elche Airport (ALC):

If your charter starts in regions along the Costa Blanca, Alicante–Elche Airport is a common entry point. It serves destinations such as Alicante, Denia, or Altea.

  1. Valencia Airport (VLC):

Spanish yacht charters starting in Valencia or exploring the coastal areas near Valencia, Valencia Airport is a suitable arrival point.

Moran Yacht & Ship can also assist with arranging transportation to and from your yacht. Contact our team today.