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Palmer Johnson Project PJ WORLD

The PJ World is a new superyacht design concept that has been developed using the latest in offshore ship technology. The vessel is based on well-proven designs by Rolls-Royce Marine and provides excellent sea-keeping capabilities, life-long cost efficiency and not least, is maintenancefriendly despite the vessel’s complexity. The vessel has ”optimal technical performance” and uses intelligent design and technologies to meet the strict demands of environmental legislation, current and future. The vessel will be capable of operating in all the Wolrd’s regions under extreme conditions and has the required endurance this demands. The vessel’s motion-under-way and at-rest requirements, ice operating capability, position keeping capabilities, noice and vibration requirements has been designed with a synergy that ensures both efficiency and peak performance whilst maintaining absolute reliability.

The operating profile of the PJ World allows continued year round operation in the following areas:

  • Antarctic
  • Arctic
  • Middle East
  • Mediterranean
  • Caribbean
  • Far East
  • Worldwide ocean voyages

A focus on environment-friendly solutions to reduce emissions to both air and sea has been achieved. By optimising the vessel’s design to its operational profile, emissions will be reduced to a minimum.

Concept Design:                                         Palmer Johnson and Rolls-Royce Marine

Naval architecture and engineering:    Rolls-Royce Marine

Exterior Styling:                                          Nuvolari-Lenard

Interior Styling:                                           Nuvolari-Lenard

Shipyard:                                                      Palmer Johnson Norway A/S



Principal Characteristics

LOA                                 267’     81.4 m

BEAM                              48’       14.6 m

DRAFT approx               13’         4.0 m

DEADWEIGHT                600 tonnes


Tank Capacities

FUEL OIL                             260,000   Lts

FRESH WATER                     80,000   Lts

BALLAST WATER              400,000 Lts  WASTE FLUIDS HOLDING              85,000 Lts

GROSS TONNAGE             2800 grt



  • DNV* 1A1, E0,LC Yacht R0 Clean Comfort-V(1) HELDK- SHF
  • MCA, Marine and Coastguard Administration, per Isle of Man Ship Registry.  MCA Large Commercial Yacht Code (LY2)
  • Dynamic Positioning system to DP1. (DYNPOS-AUT)
  • Hull Class: ICE - 1B


  • Steel plate and extrusions. Welded construction.  Scantlings and plate suitable to Ice Class 1B Classification requirements.
  • Superstructure and upper areas faired to superyacht standards
  • Hull unfaired


Speed and Range

  • Range:                              10 Knots    10,500 NM                     

12 Knots    10,000 NM

14 Knots      8,400 NM

16 Knots      6,500 NM

  • Fuel Consumption:           10Knots    24.8 L/NM

12Knots    25.8 L/NM

14Knots    30.7 L/NM

16Knots    39.8 L/NM

  •  Max recommended Speed: 16.5Knots

Passenger and Crew Numbers

Total number of Passengers:     12
Total number of Crew:                27



Diesel Electric Propulsion

  • Main Engine, medium speed 4-Stroke: Rolls Royce Bergen C25 type 2000kW @ 1000rpm, 6cylinder
  • Main Ship’s Generator: 1920ekW, 400V 50Hz output @ 1000rpm. Vacuum impregnated windings and fresh water-cooled for superior performance. Ratings are according to ISO 3046/1.
  • Engine and Generator elastically mounted on foundation raft.
  • Marine Diesel engines comply with MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI – Control of Emission of Nitrogen Oxides from Marine Diesel Engines.
  • Rolls Royce Ulstein Aquamaster AZP 85 FP Azipull type azimuthing thruster.
  • Propellers NiBrAl, 5 blade, Class S balanced fixed pitch designed for low pressure pulses, max 1.5kPa: 2.1m diameter. [pending]
  • Rolls Royce Main Propulsion switchboard, 400V.
  • Two (2) main propulsion cabinets for variable speed operation
  • Two (2) freshwater cooled electric motors: 1600kW @ 1800rpm for the AZP units.


  • Rolls Royce Stabilizer system, fin system incorporating at - rest assistance.
  • Rolls Royce Ulstein Aquamaster TT1650 FP Single Bow thrusters, tunnel type. Freshwater Cooled with Frequency
  • Individual Box Cooler for each Engine / Generator combination.
  • Integral tanks – fuel, potable water, holding, new lube oil, used lube oil
  • Fuel fill and transfer manifold system.
  • Fuel Oil/water separator with emulsified fluid filter
  • Fuel transfer and polishing system for extended bunkering operation.
  • Fuel filters with gauge, water sensor, priming pump
  • Lube oil separator
  • New lube oil tank, waste lube oil tank
  • Lube oil pumps, one for new oil, one for used
  • Automatic oily bilge water separator
  • Underwater Main engine exhaust system. By Mecmar
  • Auxiliary Generator exhaust system by Mecmar
  • Integrated hydraulic system
  • Converter drive, for superior low noise performance.
  • Bow thruster grill/guards with sacrificial zinc’s
  • Bilge and fire system manifold. Primary and reserve systems.
  • Two (2) fresh water pressure sets
  • Two (2x25T/day) watermakers, with ultraviolet sterilizer
  • Two (2) water heaters, electric elements
  • Twin Ring type hot water system w/circulation pump
  • Water filter, with sediment, taste/odor cartridges
  • Two (1) dockside fresh water connection with pressure reducing valves
  • Jets vacuum flush Toilet system
  • Marine Sanitation treatment plant
  • Two (2) Ships air compressors, reservoir with 2/3 redundancy.
  • Compressed air fitting in the engine room, garages, foredeck, and boat storage decks.
  • Engine room fire system, Autronica water mist type
  • Autronica Flexi FOG system for accomodation
  • Fire dampers on engine room intake exhaust vents
  • Engine room ventilation system.
  • Duplex type Centralized Air-Conditioning System. With Humidity control, Fresh Air Make-up and UV sterilizers.
  • Autronica Foam system for the garage decks,toy store,heli-hangar,fuel room,heli-deck


Air Conditioning/Hvac     


Outside temp.               40°C-45°C

Relative humidity       85%-60%

Sea water                    33°C

Inside temp.               21°C

Relative humidity       50%



Outside temp.             -25°C

Relative humidity        20%

Sea water                      0°C

Inside temp.               23°C

Relative humidity       30%


Noise and Vibration Levels (vessel speed of 15 Knots)


DNV Comfort Class Rating

5th deck

Owners cabin

44 dBa


4th deck

Owners lounge

44 dBa



50 dBa


Officer cabin

55 dBa


3rd deck

Outside pool area

55 dBa


Inside salon

50 dBa


2nd deck

VIP cabin

44 dBa


1st  deck


55 dBa




  • Rolls Royce Main switchboard, Power Management System, seamless transfer, circuit breakers, metering, ground fault indication
  • 50Hz system with three phase and single phase voltages
  • Emergency switchboard for emergency generator
  • Two CAT (2) 452kW Auxiliary Generators with instrument panels.
  • CAT Emergency Generator @ 92kW.
  • Electrical distribution panels, GFCI (RCD) protection at outlets.
  • Air starting system for each of the main engines and generators.
  • Two (2) 24V service battery banks.
  • One(1) Main UPS (un-interruptible power supply 230V, 3phase)
  • One (1) 24V emergency battery bank.
  • One (1) 24V emergency communications (GMDSS) battery bank.
  • Constant voltage battery chargers
  • Coded wiring system
  • Programmable lighting control system for owner and guest accommodation.
  • Vimar or similar European sockets for interior compartments
  • Emergency lighting system
  • Exterior lighting system
  • Shore power converter
  • Navigation light with control panel, 24V, includes N.U.C. lights
  • Integrated Automation System IAS, including Dead Man Alarm System. Alarm system with LCD displays in wheelhouse, crew mess, captains cabin and engine control room (interface to IAS)
  • Engine Control Room Telegraph System.


Deck Equipment

  • 2 vertical electrically driven anchor/mooring winches with autotension 32K3 lifter with    warping heads and mooring drums – capacity 81KN – 9.4m/min
  • 2  hydraulically driven mooring capstans - 50KN capacity
  • 2 Spek type flush storing anchors
  • 2 capstan mooring winches on aft mooring deck
  • Aft electric hydraulic boarding passerelle.



  • Rolls Royce Dynamic Positioning System  ( DP1 )
  • Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS) suitable foe Sea Area A3(FM)
  • Radar systems (X and L-band) (FM)
  • ECS, Electronic Chart System (FM)
  • Weather Facsimile (FM)
  • Inmarsat F77 system (FM)
  • VDR, Voyage Data Recorder (FM)
  • Portable Air VHF (FM)
  • Echo Sounding Equipment (FM)
  • Two (2) GPS (FM) 
  • Distance Measuring Log (FM)
  • Gyro Compass, Dual System (S)
  • Automatic Identification System (AIS) (FM)
  • Barometer
  • Searchlights
  • Navigation Lights (COLREGS 72)
  • Autopilot
  • VHF transceivers with DSC
  • Portable lifeboat radios
  • Daylight Signaling Lamp
  • Docking stations are also provided.
  • The wheelhouse features flat screen LCD monitors (sunlight readable).
  • Magnetic Compass


Interior Accommodation

Owner’s accommodation                  225m2

VIP and Guest accommodation        256m2

Public areas                                         695m2

Captain, Officers and staff                227m2

Crew accommodation                         342m2

Crew service                                         202m2

Technical areas                                    355m2           


Owner Apartment

Owner’s apartment with 360 degree views situated on the 4th, 5th and 6th Decks   comprising of the following areas:             

  • Owner bedroom Suite
  • Walk in dressing room
  • Owners bathroom
  • Owner private lounge
  • Owner business lounge
  • Owner sundeck
  • Owners pantry
  • Owners stairwells
  • Passenger lift
  • Owners office


VIP and Guest Accommodation

Situated on the 2nd Deck comprising of the following areas:

  • Guest foyer & reception
  • 2 VIP staterooms
  • 4 Guest staterooms
  • Guest passageway
  • Passenger lift
  • 2 VIP ensuite bathrooms
  • 4 Guest bathrooms


Public Areas

Situated on the 2nd and 3rd Decks comprising of the following areas:

  • Main saloon- 3 zones
  • Dining area
  • Piano foyer
  • Family galley
  • Cinema
  • Beauty salon
  • Massage/Treatment room
  • Hammam Spa
  • Sauna
  • Rain shower
  • Fitness centre
  • Passenger lift
  • Infirmary + bathroom
  • Panoramic aft glass beach house


 Captain, Officers, Staff, and Crew Compartments

All Crew and staff areas of the vessel are finished to a suitable high standard and according to General Arrangements, situated on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Decks and comprising of the following areas:

  • Wheelhouse
  • Ships office/conference room
  • Captains dayroom/office
  • Pantry
  • Main galley
  • Crew galley
  • Laundry
  • Crew gymnasium
  • Crew recreation mess room
  • Wine store
  • Dry provision stores
  • Engine control room
  • Workshop
  • Toy store


Crew/Staff Accommodations

Cabins according to General Arrangement include: Single Berth, Double Berth, and Triple Berth cabins. Crew passageways, stairwells, lobby’s, mess rooms, gymnasium, handling areas to be styled and finished in matching theme to the crew cabins

  • 7 single berth crew cabins + ensuite

Captain’s cabin

1st officer cabin

Pilots’ cabin

PA’s cabin

Chief engineer’s cabin

Doctor’s cabin

Purser’s cabin

  • 7 twin berth crew cabins + ensuite
  • 2 triple berth crew cabins + ensuite      


Exterior Decks

Total Teak Exterior area for Owner and Guests – approx 1000 m2


Exterior Design

The Yacht is a six-deck vessel providing high quality design typical of Palmer Johnson and Nuvolari – Lenard.

2nd Deck Exterior Boarding Area

Lido entrance with lounge sofas, upholstered cushions, coffee tables and port and starboard cabinetry for clothing. Spiral staircase leading to the fitness center.

3rd Deck Exterior Swimming Pool Area

Helicopter Pad with stairs leading to an exterior 7 meter Pool with gradual steps, waterfall feature and pool seating. Exterior lounge seating arrangement with sofas and upholstered cushions with an outdoor dining and buffet area with seating for 12. Automatic sliding doors with stainless steel frame and tinted glass lead to Piano Foyer.

4th Deck Owners Lounge Exterior

Exterior lounge seating arrangement with sofas, easy chairs, coffee tables and upholstered cushions and integrated Port and starboard cabinets for servery and stowage. Automatic sliding doors with stainless steel frame and tinted glass lead to Owners Lounge

5th Deck Owners Private Lounge Exterior

Similar in style to the 4th Deck Exterior layout with matching stainless steel framed tinted glass door leading into private owner’s area.

6th Deck Owners Private Sun Deck

Hinged door leads up from Owners Private Lounge. Exteriors seating arrangement with sun loungers and upholstered cushions are provided along with a Jacuzzi and interior Owners dayhead with basin.


Watertight hatch to chain locker along with Port/Starboard weathertight storage lockers. Access to mooring equipment and Ships Bell.

Fairing and Painting

  • Superstructure and upper surfaces faired to superyacht standards
  • Hull unfaired
  • Custom color for hull and superstructure
  • Marathon IQ Ice protection coating
  • Boot stripe
  • High quality commercialAnti-fouling bottom paint – TBT FREE

Specialist Vessel Handling, Support and Security Equipment

  • Large dedicated garage for Private WaterCraft with 3.5T telescopic beam crane.
  • Dedicated 1.5T provisioning crane and equipment, for easy and discreet operation.
  • Helicopter landing deck, fully designed to meet internationally recognized standards.
  • MOB boat with 3.5T telescopic beam crane for launching and retrieving.
  • Two 3.5 T beam cranes on port side for owner supply tender boat
  • 2 Remote operated water cannons
  • Thermal Imaging Device

Optional Equipment

  • Submarine Docking Station and handling equipment for 6 man Discovery submarine
  • Diver support station.
  • Helicopter re-fuelling system
  • Helicopter hangar with deck opening hatches and hydraulic lift.
  • LRAD,Long range Acoustic Device
  • Forward Scanning Sonar

Owners Supply

  • Design, fabrication and installation of interior for Owner, Guest and Public areas.
  • Exterior furniture
  • Entertainment equipment and system
  • Computer network and equipment
  • Security system
  • Main Tenders
  • Personal water craft
  • Helicopter
  • Submarine
General Specifications
Length: 267'1" ( 81.4 m )
Palmer Johnson
Beam: 47'11" ( 14.6 m )
Draft: 13'1" ( 4 m)
6 cabins
Guest Count:
16.5 kts. (max)
Exterior Designer:
Nuvolari Lenard
Interior Designer:
Nuvolari Lenard
Asking Price: