Founded by Ron Rookstool

Sea Force IX

A family-run company based in Palmetto, on Florida’s Gulf Coast, luxury yacht builder Sea Force IX manufactures custom sportfishing yachts and superyachts.

Former sportfishing charter captain Ron Rookstool founded luxury yacht builder Seaforce IX in order tofill a niche he perceived in the market for a “truly custom luxury performance Sport Yacht”. Joining him in the company from the start was his wife, Gail Rookstool, who had served as her husband’s business manager during his days as a sportfishing captain both in New Jersey and in Florida. Both Rookstools also drew on the experience they had gained working for yacht-builder Roscioli Yachting Center in Fort Lauderdale. Their son, Ron Rookstool, Jr., also recently joined Sea Force IX after a successful 28-year career as successful sportfishing charter captain in his own right.

Sportfishing yacht builder Sea Force IX designs and tank-tests its yachts’ hulls in order to provide what it terms “the Ultimate Ride”, combining performance with comfort and safety in offshore sea conditions. While the shipyard has established a reputation for building sportfishing yachts, they also have created design concepts for a series of expedition superyachts.

Yachts built by Sea Force IX