Founded in 1842

Founded by Riva Petro


Riva motor yacht’s manufacturing history resembles a made-up movie plot.

In 1842, a young carpenter from a small Italian town, Riva Petro, helped restore most of the fishing boats destroyed after a terrible storm thus earning the citizens’ respect. Soon after that, Petro received an order to build a real boat from one of the local rich men. The opening of his own yard wasn’t long to be awaited. Riva began creating something that no one else had done before – the unique and inimitable yachts. Technological progress allowed then, and still does, for the Riva motor yachts to be widely asked for and even wished for.

Riva yacht manufacturer has taken the most from the 20th century, thus after the First World War, the course was set on speed and maneuverability. The 50s brought in the elegance and the luxury status that the company keeps up to this very day.

Today Riva is the most sold yacht in the world. This is explained by the combination of long time operating experience and utilizing modern technology in motor yacht manufacturing. Riva yachts have often appeared in Hollywood movies – Ocean’s Twelve, Indiana Jones and others. This manufacturer’s brand has been setting trends and is undoubtedly the unmatched leader in the yacht fashion industry. The legendary manufacturer also constantly refreshes its model line. One of the latest models is the new 37m Riva 122 Mythos yacht. We are sure this is far from the last achievements of this company.

Yachts built by Riva

Length92′7″ / 28.23m
Beam22′2″ / 6.75m
Length62′6″ / 19.04m
Beam15′9″ / 4.8m