Founded in 1970

Founded by Don Aronow

Cigarette Racing

Since 1969, the dedicated people at Cigarette Racing Team have focused on building the finest high-performance boats the world has ever known. That’s why Cigarette® has become a world-renowned brand, known for its unparalleled quality and performance. The simple truth is there is nothing quite like a Cigarette® brand offshore powerboat. A Cigarette® boat is designed by artisans, craftsman and engineers, working hand-in-hand. The current Cigarette® lineup ranging from 38-50′ not only shows dramatic technical advancements, but also addresses the diverse customer needs that are not served by mass production boat builders. Other companies make “go-fast boats,” but only Cigarette Racing Team can create a Cigarette®. Our engineers and craftsman have studied the interaction between human and machine, and the emotions generated.

Yachts built by Cigarette Racing

Length42′ / 12.8m
Beam11′9″ / 3.58m