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Robert Moran

President | Ft Lauderdale Yacht Brokerage

As founder of this dynamic company in 1988, I am pleased to have assembled a team of seasoned professionals. Individuals that strive to provide you, our client, with an unrivaled level of honest, confidential, private, professional service and knowledge.

We respectfully suggest that you ask yourself the following question. Would you purchase a yacht from a sales person who has never been to sea? In an increasingly competitive industry, experience is still the leader. The professionals at Moran Yacht and Ship have had close to 30 years of experience serving on board yachts of the quality and caliber in which you are interested. It is essential that the sales person you appoint has had the indispensable experience of working as an officer or Captain on board such a vessel in order to represent a client in an endeavor to sell, purchase, build or charter a yacht. “I love the yachting business and have always done — from when I started as a deckhand, all the way up through the ranks to captain, and now my present position as company President. Yachting has provided me with a great opportunity to meet and represent some of the most gifted and talented people in the world; and when I get to represent a fair and honest man, I do everything in my power to provide him with an unsurpassed level of service.”

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