Tom Fleming

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+1 401 619 5820

Having served at sea for over 12 years as a first officer onboard many fine yachts that include the M.Y. BIG EAGLE, the M.Y. CONFIDANTE and the M.Y. EXCELLENCE, cruising most oceans of the world, including the waters of New England, Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean , South of France, Italy, Greece and Turkey, Tom Fleming is indeed the consummate yachting professional that you should contact for all of your yachting requirements. This first hand, hands on professional experience permits Tom to provide for his clients an unrivalled level of knowledge and experience on all matters relating to the Yachting Industry and the many areas of the world that these vessels cruise.

A New Englander by birth, Tom is based in Newport, Rhode Island. He manages the Moran Yacht & Ship office in Newport, the capital of the Yachting world in the Northeast United States. This superb location in the heart of Newport, on Christies Wharf, permits Tom to provide all of his clients based in the Northeast United States with accurate, precise and speedy responses to all of their requirements that relate to the Yachting industry.