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North America Yacht Charters

North America is home to some truly amazing charter destinations. Discover stunning natural beauty on an Alaska yacht charter, uncover the little-known Pacific Northwest, or enjoy beach community life on a New England yacht charter.

North America: New England Yacht Charter and Beyond

Sandwiched between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the continent of North America is home to a wide variety of popular yacht charter destinations. From the temperate rainforests and mountains of the Pacific Northwest to the picturesque towns and villages just waiting to be discovered on New England yacht charters, there are countless adventures to pursue.

When and how to charter a yacht in North America is mainly determined by the time of year. Higher latitude destinations such as the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, New England, and Eastern Canada are almost exclusively summertime cruising grounds. Lower latitude destinations, including Florida and the Mexican Baja Peninsula, can be enjoyed year-round, with their popularity peaking in the early spring. North America offers experiences like Alaska yacht charters that may not be commonly considered for yachting holidays. However, each of its destinations possesses wildlife, geography, and cultures truly unique and unavailable anywhere else in the world.

New England Yacht Charters

New England

New England is home to some of the most famous yachting destinations in the world, including beautiful scenery, picturesque towns, and historic villages. New England yacht charters offer something for everyone, with magnificent shopping, nightlife, and gorgeous bays for hours of on-water activities. Whether you are considering a luxury motor yacht or sailing yacht, a New England yacht charter makes for the perfect family vacation.

Alaska Yacht Charters


Alaska yacht charters offer natural beauty and wildlife that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Sea life abounds – you are almost guaranteed to encounter humpback whales and orcas along your journey, not to mention other marine mammals such as dolphins, seals, and sea otters. Look up, and you will often see bald eagles flying overhead. Look towards the shore from your motor yacht charter, and it will not be long until you spot a grizzly or black bear. You will be hard-pressed to find a location where beautifully snow-capped mountains are not in view. Icy blue glaciers cut through valleys stretching all the way to the sea. The most popular activity for Alaska yacht charters is taking in these sights, while others include hiking, fishing, kayaking, and exploring the many fishing or mining towns that dot the coastline.

Pacific Northwest Yacht Charters

Pacific Northwest

As far as chartering a luxury yacht is concerned, the Pacific Northwest is a hidden gem with captivating beauty and wildlife abound. Quaint villages and breathtaking landscapes define this stretch of coastline in destinations such as the San Juan Islands and Victoria and Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Visit Tofino Resort + Marina for excellent sightseeing, world-class local fare, and fantastic craft cocktails.