Eastern Mediterranean Charter Overview
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Eastern Mediterranean Charter

The Eastern Mediterranean offers some of the most pristine cruising grounds in the world for private yacht charter. Greece promises stunning ancient sites; private yacht charter in Croatia provides excellent snorkel spots; the list goes on!

Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Charter: Greece and Beyond

Choosing an Eastern Mediterranean yacht charter will allow you to experience all of the best aspects this fantastic destination. The most common starting point is at the top of the Adriatic Sea, Venice. The options after that seem endless as one can choose the many fishing villages on the Italian East Coast, or head towards the more popular destinations on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. South of Croatia, Montenegro offers the best of the old world allure, pulling any and all on a private yacht charter. Greece is a perfect area to explore ancient architecture and worldly landmarks, from the Ionian Islands down to the Cyclades. Turkey is the epitome of European and Asian cultures blending together, forming an idyllic charter experience that cannot be replicated by any other yacht charter destinations in the world.

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Italian East Coast

While Venice is the most famous gem on the Italian East Coast, there are many other beautiful spots along the Adriatic Sea. Mestre hosts equestrian events, food festivals, and markets. Chioggia, a charming fishing village, represents “real Italy.” Parco San Bartolo has the highest sea cliffs on the Italian Adriatic, with steep paths leading to relaxing beaches.

Greece Yacht Charter Destination


Greece is a popular yacht charter destination, with the best months being May to September. Athens is a great starting point, offering easy access to many classic islands. But with over 3,000 islands, there’s also something for those seeking lesser-known destinations.


Turkey has more coastline than any other country in the Mediterranean, East or West. Aqua waters lead you to numerous sheltered bays, pretty anchorages, and many ancient ruins with archeological sites. You will come across the occasional waterfall or castle. The high time for visiting Turkey is April – October, as it offers a wonderful climate and spectacular diving spots.


The Dalmatian Coast’s beauty and mysterious coves can lure anyone in on a private yacht charter. Croatia is appropriately divided into north and south by the ancient city Split. The turquoise waters all along the coast are vibrant with sea life, leading to numerous restaurants with deliciously fresh sea plates. With so many islands close to each other, it is possible to visit a large amount during your luxury yacht charter and to be able to spot the diversity between them. Must see places are Dubrovnik and Korčula.


No Eastern Mediterranean charter in the Adriatic Sea would be complete without a stop in Montenegro. Located south of Croatia, this destination is home to ancient history, unique culture and traditions, a perfect climate, and its own take at natural beauty. The Bay of Kotor boasts breath-taking sights, pristine beaches, and beautiful diving spots. Along with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Montenegro coast contains national parks, delicious restaurants, plenty of water sports, and other opportunities for exciting family excursions.