Founded in 2007

Shadow Marine

Shadow Marine was founded to bring the Shadow Boat concept to the discerning yachtsman. We are the first manufacturer in the world to specialize in the design and construction of mega-yacht support vessels.

Shadow Boats are an efficient, reliable, and adaptable platform; the available options are only limited by the client’s imagination. Our signature large vehicle storage hangar, oversized helo-pad, and high capacity crane allow a measure of safety and convenience unparalleled in any traditional vessel.

We have recently expanded our vision to include the design of hybrid vessels which combine the elegance, grace, and comfort of conventional yacht designs with the utility and flexibility intrinsic to our shadow boat concept.

Our hulls range in size from 150′ to over 280′. Starting with our spec design our naval architects customize the vessel’s configuration to meet each client’s specific needs. Our uncompromising vision allows us to bring all of the comforts and luxuries of a conventional mega-yacht, as well as capabilities they will never have.

We are constantly striving to create new applications for our unique concept of what a mega-yacht should be. Our goal is to provide our clients with the ultimate yachting experience, without limitations.

Yachts built by Shadow Marine