Founded in 1887

Founded by Leopold Rodriguez

Rodriguez Group

The RODRIQUEZ shipyard was founded by Leopold Rodriguez in 1887. The production site is located in the city of Messina. During the Second World War, the company was transferred to his son. The shipyard built the pleasure boats, ferries, defense ships and yachts. The manufacturer worked during the war, so he got a lot of experience in building the warships. The shipyard became even more famous, releasing the high-speed ferry Guizzo, designed for commercial purposes. In 2012 the company merged with Intermarine SpA.

The shipyard has celebrated its centenary without exhausting the resources. Even in the 90s, the organization released the new items. Some ships have earned prizes and awards at various competitions and shows, however, for the organization it has been more difficult to develop in the conditions of crisis. The owners decided to merge because the merge of shipyard with a larger organization would be an impetus to development.

The ships of the company are still on sale. The buyer may find both ships built not so long ago, and the old models. Some of them are the rarities. They are hunted by the collectors. The shipbuilding organization has built a lot of ships, and many of them have entered into the history of yacht building.

The RODRIQUEZ yachts can be found at the brokers – here they come, when the owners want to sell their watercrafts. The cost of boats depends on the year of manufacture and model.

Yachts built by Rodriguez Group