Founded in 1965


Since 1965, Princess Yachts have striven to deliver voyages of endless possibility to each and every customer, and continue to do so by building yachts to universal acclaim in the south west of England. With a detail-oriented culture of innovation, these yachts are not only some of the most technically-advanced in the world, but are also recognised as the most beautifully crafted, too.

Princess Yachts have shared with us a series of films which lift the lid on the craftsmanship, skill and passion that goes into each and every Princess yacht produced.

The Princess name has become synonymous with all the finest in luxury motor yacht design, high quality yacht manufacture and the very best in aftersales service and support for all Princess yacht owners. Regardless of size, every craft will exceed your expectations for a boat in her class. Tailored to meet your specific requirements and fitted with only the very best components. On the water, Princess yachts are instantly recognisable for their graceful lines and timeless, classic elegance that will never date. Clean uncluttered lines and a muscular deep-V hull give Princess yachts an undeniable presence which is instantly recognisable in yacht marinas around the world.

Yachts built by Princess