Founded in 1972

Founded by Gérard Rodriguez


The Arno shipyard started building pleasure boats in the 1960s after having spent decades building commercial and military vessels.

Thus he passes the experience of the shipwrights and carpenters who had worked with the shipyard during its growth. From the first wooden Leopard, born in 1973, followed a long list of boats, until, on August 2, 1984, the first fiberglass Leopard was launched, the LEOPARD SPORT 19 whose prototype was made of aluminum.

From here on a series of successful boats worldwide.

Modern Leopard Yachts is an extensive manufacturing facility, equipped by the latest trends in yacht building technologies, allowing it to work on the hardest and biggest projects there are. Having been making custom ordered yachts for over than 40 years, the company has become well known among the luxury yacht devotees.

Every Leopard Mega Yacht is made following the latest building technologies, possesses individual design and technical features. Each and every one of them deserves to be judged at the best boating shows of the world.

Yachts built by Leopard