Founded in 1957

Founded by Jack Hargrave


The Hargrave company was originally known as the top American yacht design organization starting in 1957 when, under the direction of legendary designer Jack Hargrave, the company played an important role in the success of companies like Hatteras, Burger, Amels, Prairie, Atlantic & Halmatic to name just a few.

Hargrave has grown over the past twenty years to be recognized as one of the top brand names in the mid sized luxury yacht market. As America’s favorite designers, builders, and distributors world-class custom yachts they are now well past initial goal of 100 orders since starting the construction program. They average eight to ten yachts under construction at one time, and have six all new models currently going through development and prototyping at the Hargrave Concept Studio. Over 52% of Hargrave owners have built more than one yacht with the shipyard and some are now on their fourth new Hargrave.

Yachts built by Hargrave