Founded in 1953

Founded by Aldo Guerritore


CANADOS is an Italian company, located 30 kilometers away from Rome. Its full name sounds like Cantieri Navali Di Ostia. They are building the sailing boats, motor boats and superyachts from 21 to 33 meters in length.

Founded by Aldo “Buby” Guerritore, Canados has delivered hundreds of yachts since the yard was founded in 1953. The yard strives to remain at the cutting-edge of yacht building incorporating modern technology with skilled craftsmanship.

Now it is the yachtbuilding company well-known in Italy and abroad that often produces expensive and luxurious ships. Probably in every European marina that has VIP-guests, there are yachts of this brand. They are appreciated for luxury, well-considered interior, easy operation and exclusive design.

During its existence Cantieri Navali Di Ostia has built more than 650 motor boats of the elite level. The length of the yachts made by the shipyard, is 12-36 meters. Apart from these, they produce the speedboats for military forces.

The main objective of Canados is to produce such yachts that can successfully resist both time and waves. Luxury finishing and external beauty are still not the main things.

Yachts built by Canados