Yacht Ownership

The Endless Possibilities that Come with Yacht Ownership

Yacht ownership is the true definition of adventure and provides an opportunity for opulent getaways to the world’s most exclusive destinations. Owners can set sail to discover new horizons, experience different cultures, and embark on exhilarating journeys that redefine the notion of a well-lived life. Yacht ownership opens up possibilities that regular travelers can’t access, as yacht owners have the privilege of accessing exclusive and secluded destinations.

Yachts are a status symbol

Yachts are status symbols that convey a sense of unparalleled freedom, luxury, success, affluence, and prestige. Owning a yacht is often associated with a certain level of accomplishment, showing the world that you have come to enjoy your well-earned recreation time in style.

Below, we’ll list the advantages of yacht ownership, highlight a few yachts available for purchase, and inform you on how to find a yacht broker to help you navigate the buying process.

Incredible Hosting Opportunities

The exclusivity, privacy, and luxury afforded by yacht ownership create the perfect setting for hosting unforgettable parties and events.

Yachts provide an intimate and exclusive setting for parties, allowing hosts to create a personalized experience for their guests. Unlike traditional venues, yachts offer a private and secluded environment away from the crowds, where guests can relax and enjoy the company of friends, family, or colleagues without distractions.

Yachts come in various sizes and configurations, with multiple decks, lounges, dining areas, and entertainment spaces that can be customized to suit the host’s vision and guest preferences. Whether it’s al fresco dining on one of the many sundecks, an elegant dinner party in the formal dining room, or a lively dance party on the spacious aft deck, yachts offer versatile spaces for hosting a wide range of events.

Hosting a party on a yacht charter

Hosting a party on a yacht creates a truly memorable experience for guests, leaving a lasting impression and creating cherished memories that will be talked about for years to come. Whether it’s to celebrate a milestone birthday, anniversary, or even a wedding, guests will appreciate the opportunity to celebrate in style aboard a luxury yacht.

The Freedom of Chartering

Yacht ownership provides the ultimate freedom to explore the world’s oceans, reefs, lagoons, and coastlines in style and privilege, and when you own a yacht, you have the unique ability to charter it during your off-season.

As yacht charter involves leasing out your vessel to third parties when you’re not personally using it for travel, ownership allows yacht buyers to treat their vessels much like income property.

Ownership allows you to visit your favorite locations around the world, while charters that embark from those very same locations provide a sizable income, making yacht ownership an incredible return on investment.

Yacht ownership offers flexibility

Yacht owners who embark on their own globe-trotting adventures when their vessels are not being chartered, meet those travel costs when they charter their vessel.

Yacht ownership also offers the flexibility to decide precisely when and how often to charter one’s yacht. This flexibility allows owners to schedule trips that coincide with their own travel plans and charter income goals.

If you are in the market to buy a yacht, the process can be tricky and often complex, and so having a broker in your corner that you can trust will help you complete every transaction quickly, effectively, and with total legal compliance. When you work with Moran Yacht & Ship, you have access to a team of professional brokers who can help you achieve your goal of buying a vessel in a fraction of the time it would take to do so yourself.

In the last calendar year, we have overseen half a billion dollars in transactions, including sales of some of the most lavish ships in the world, such as AHPO and MADSUMMER — to name a few.

Here are two incredible vessels currently for sale:

MARGUERITE Delivers on Style and Luxury

When it arrived on the scene in 2004, MARGUERITE’s timeless exterior and intricately-detailed art deco interior, both by Andrew Winch, grabbed the attention of ship-makers, owners, and charter renters alike. The perfect luxury yacht for sailing through the top marine destinations around the world, she can serve as a waterborne home for several months, with 30-day self-sufficiency.

Built by the German shipyard Lurssen, the 61.26m/201′ MARGUERITE luxury yacht is the perfect launching pad for incredible nautical adventures. As an ocean-going cruising yacht, its size allows for you to host large events with dozens of people, but its amenities also make for easy intimate experiences with close friends and family.

Its full-beam master suite (equipped with its own study and dressing room as well as his and her bathrooms) pairs well with alfresco social and dining spots, and its full range of water toys means you’ll never have a single uneventful day.

Toys & Gadgets

You and your guests can enjoy endless days of joy on the water thanks to an exceptional collection of water toys and accessories that come equipped on MARGUERITE.

Ride the waves on Yamaha VX Deluxe WaveRunners, and enjoy wakeboards, seabobs, wakesurf boards, and kayaks — all perfect for exploring the incredible waters of the Mediterranean. If that isn’t enough, MARGUERITE also features four tenders, including a Wajer Open Tender.

UTOPIA IV Comes Fully Equipped

UTOPIA IV comes fully loaded

Ruling the high seas since 2018, UTOPIA IV embodies a perfect balance of luxurious superyacht and high-performance sport yacht. Her handsome line, coupled with her slender silhouette, helps her carve through the waves and easily into port. With the capacity to sleep 12 guests across six spacious suites, her interior blends minimalism with sophisticated European taste sourced from brands such as Hermes and Armani.

UTOPIA IV also comes equipped with all manner of toys for both children and adults, making this the perfect vessel for family trips. There’s even a children’s playroom, perfect for keeping younger guests entertained on your voyage, and there are deck jacuzzis and a large pool, allowing you to soak under the stars.

For more active sailors, there’s always the thrill and adventure of riding one of the onboard WaveRunners, or for the absolutely adventurous, every ship comes equipped with foilboards — perfect for a new experience while on the water.

E-Foil boards on a yacht charter

Trust the Moran Team

Moran Yacht & Ship provides guidance and support throughout the entire sales process, from initial consultations to closing. Our luxury yacht brokers bring knowledge and expertise, as well as extensive networks of professionals in the industry, including appraisers, lenders, inspectors, and attorneys, and we can recommend reputable service providers to our clients to facilitate the smoothest transactions.

If you’d like to learn more, get in touch today to start the process.