Owning a yacht for charter means you’re living well]

Luxury Yachting Makes for Youtube Worthy Adventures

Nothing speaks to living well like owning a yacht.

Yachts are status symbols conveying unparalleled freedom, luxury, success, affluence, and prestige. Owning a yacht is often associated with a certain level of accomplishment, showing the world that you have come to enjoy your well-earned recreation time in style.

Yacht ownership offers the actual thrill of adventure and exploration. Owners can set sail to discover new horizons, experience different cultures, and embark on exhilarating journeys that redefine the notion of a well-lived life.

Yacht ownership allows individuals to craft personalized and tailor-made travel experiences. Owners can plan extended voyages in the world’s most exclusive and attractive locales and create unforgettable memories with family and friends, all while enjoying the privacy and exclusivity that yachting affords. Yacht ownership opens up a world of possibilities that regular travelers can’t access, as yacht owners can access exclusive and secluded destinations.

Yacht owners can entertain guests in style, whether it’s a sunset cocktail party on the deck or a gourmet dinner in the onboard dining area served by your personal chef.

The Freedom of Chartering

Yacht ownership provides the ultimate freedom to explore the world’s oceans, reefs, lagoons, and coastlines in style and privilege, and when you own a yacht, you have the unique ability to charter it during your off-season.

Because yacht rental involves leasing out one’s yacht to third parties when it’s not in personal use, it allows owners to treat their vessel much like an income property — one they can charter in the specific tropical destinations they plan to visit themselves. This gives owners the opportunity to fund trips across the world funded by the year’s charter income.

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Chartering allows owners to visit their favorite locations around the world, while charter renters who embark at that same location cover the majority of the cost associated with the owner’s own voyages that same season.

Renters enjoy the charter experience because it offers them the facilities of a five-star resort, the expertise of a well-trained crew, along with the opportunity for waterborne adventure. In this way, chartering not only generates income, but also keeps your crew members sharp, and ensures that your yachting equipment and engine are functioning at top capacity.

This allows owners to embark on their own globe-trotting adventures when the ship is not in use, creating the ultimate opportunity to combine pleasure and profit.

Yacht owners also have the flexibility to decide precisely when and how often they want to charter their yacht. This flexibility allows them to schedule trips that coincide with their own travel plans and charter income goals.

Influencer-Approved Vessels

There is an ever-growing demand for bespoke yacht charters and personalized travel experiences in the U.S., especially because yachts offer a level of privacy, comfort, and luxury.

Yacht owners should opt for professional yacht brokerage services to handle marketing, bookings, maintenance, and crew management in order to maximize the ease of the endeavor. These services can streamline the process for the owner and ensure the yacht is well-maintained for both personal use and those who rent the ship.

In fact, two of our vessels were recently rented to youtube phenom Mr. Beast, who created an incredible video showcasing the sleek contours and vast onboard amenities of two of our most prized charter vessels.

Madsummer Mania

The Madsummer is a luxurious superyacht known for its extravagant features and design, measuring around 311 feet (95 meters) in length, and designed by the esteemed Harrison Eidsgaard, and Mr. Beast and his crew enjoyed it to maximum effect.

The Madsummer is all the rave year round


Madsummer includes accommodation for up to 20 guests in ten staterooms including a master suite with a private deck, several VIP suites, and offers lavish interiors crafted with marbles and fine woods as well as a sleek exterior design. It also accommodates a crew of approximately 30.

She comes equipped with a variety of amenities for entertainment and relaxation, like a cinema room, a gym, a spa with a sauna and steam room, Jacuzzi, pool, and various water toys including jet skis, tenders, and diving equipment.

The Madsummer features opulent design, extensive amenities, and attention to detail, providing a lavish and extravagant experience for every guest.

“I have been working with Moran Yacht & Ship for many years now and I can tell you with certainty that they are the most knowledgeable, professional, honest, and hardworking company in the yachting world. More importantly, they get deals done.”  -Owner, Madsummer

Your Own Private UTOPIA

UTOPIA IV is your gateway to luxury yachting

One of the prizes of the Rossinavi shipyard, UTOPIA IV represents the perfect balance of high-powered sporting yacht and luxurious superyacht. With a coupe-like exterior design that includes handsome lines and a slender silhouette, she also comes equipped with four MTU 16V 2000 M96L engines that provide power to four Rolls Royce hydro jets, allowing UTOPIA IV to carve smoothly through the waves, while maintaining impressive speeds, combining performance and serenity.

A notable feature of UTOPIA IV is her impressive stern beach platform, which Mr. Beast and his pals enjoyed immensely. The flexible transom folds down to add 754 square feet of swim platform to the bar. And perhaps most stunning of all is the design of the glass-bottom pool on the main deck, which filters light down above the bar from the ceiling, a perfect companion to the tastefully appointed interior, which includes minimalist accouterments sourced from haute couture brands Hermes and Armani.

Caribbean Charter Opportunities Abound

These vessels are perfect charter opportunities, especially for those looking to island hop their way across the crystal-clear Caribbean.

Film your own incredible youtube videos aboard one of our luxury yachts — whether you intend to hit up the twin peaks of the Pitons in St. Lucia for a dramatic backdrop, or you want to capture the grandeur of Seven Mile Beach — known for its pristine white sand and turquoise waters. The long stretch of beach offers excellent opportunities for capturing the beauty of the Caribbean shoreline on video or with incredible photos.

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Or maybe you’d prefer the vibrant blues of the waters at Shoal Bay in Anguilla, renowned for its unique geological formations with massive granite boulders creating caves, grottoes, and pools along the beach. It’s a surreal and photogenic destination, especially during the soft morning light or the vibrant hues on offer at sunset.

If you’re looking to charter your own yacht out for rental, or you’re looking to rent a yacht for your own incredible, youtube-worthy luxury yacht charter Caribbean style then contact us today.

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