CC-SUMMER Superyacht charter amenities

Journey into Wellness Aboard CC-Summer

If you want to charter a yacht in style and elegance, the superyachts from Moran Yacht & Ship offer the facilities of a five-star resort combined with Silver-service trained crew members completely dedicated to delivering a nautical experience custom-tailored to your desires and expectations.

On a bespoke yachting experience tailored to your precise desires and specifications, a yachting vacation becomes more than just a getaway; it can be an opportunity to pursue your wellness goals, and work on yourself.

Our Guest Preference Sheet helps us understand your needs and how we can best serve you on your voyage — whether you’re looking for a casino and cocktail experience or a more laid-back spa-style vacation, complete with scrub, facial, and massage options.

CC_SUMMER Beach Club and Wellness

If you’re wondering how to charter a yacht that fits your exact preferences, our dedicated crew — including a chief stewardess who will help you plan the perfect itinerary — is dedicated to giving you the exact style of vacation you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a dream yacht charter that you and your guests will never forget, consider CC-Summer — a crown jewel in the Lurssen fleet — as it just might just be the perfect option for you.

Designed With Style

From the moment you board CC-Summer, you’ll be amazed. To port, you’ll find a true conversation starter — a designer bespoke dining table that can seat 14, with layers of color lacquer producing an incredible mosaic of color.

CC-SUMMER Relax in the lap of luxury

The sundeck aft is a massive exterior space that includes room for a Husky seaplane, and when anchored, the Husky can be lowered into the water, transforming the deck into a massive dance floor for memorable nights cavorting under the stars.

To further highlight the soiree, feel, a backlit ICE-glass bar dominates the design further back of the ship, while furthest forward on the deck is a delightful observation nook with sun pads and a Jacuzzi under the mast.

But yachting doesn’t simply mean sitting poolside sipping cocktails. What makes CC-Summer so special is the sheer amount of wellness activities on offer.

Meet Your Relaxation and Wellness Needs

Creating balance in our lives is an important part of wellness, and balance means making sure we have time to do the things that make us feel happy and fulfilled.

Wellness reduces the recovery time after injury or illness. It also helps in better management of stress and tension. Wellness regulates and improves overall body functions, and motivates positive lifestyle habits.

Because we each have individual needs, preferences, and capabilities, what we consider “balance” will also look different from person to person, which makes it important for us to re-balance from time to time, to focus on ourselves. And the right wellness routine can help us get that feeling of control back.

Our chief stewardess can help design a yachting experience based on achieving your wellness goals, with several care options available aboard CC-Summer.

CC-SUMMER Sit poolside or enjoy a massage - or do both

Deep Ocean Marine Algae Body Wrap & Massage

A warm and comforting massage providing deep nourishment to the entire body, this relaxation exercise is performed by one of our wellness specialists.

This activity’s primary focus is to deliver immediate nourishment to the surface layers of the skin, resulting in an instant look of revitalization. Body brushing is performed to activate the body’s circulation, followed by the application of a rich marine algae blend. The body is then cocooned to generate heat — which activates the bio-active ingredients.

A deeply nourishing body cream is then applied over the entire body using Swedish massage techniques, accompanied by a slow, rhythmic facial and scalp massage to promote pure relaxation. The natural enzymes gently exfoliate, leaving the skin silky smooth to the touch.

CC-SUMMER Relaxing Massage treatments on a yacht charter

Lotus Fondant Massage

This is a warm and comforting massage that provides deep nourishment to the entire body. Nothing complements a massage like a full body exfoliation with notes of vanilla, coconut and almond, applied to the entire body using circular motions to encourage optimum results. Rich in rice bran oil and sacred lotus extract, this blend adds an instantaneous glow to the skin. The natural enzymes gently exfoliate leaving the skin silky smooth to the touch.

Heart of the Ocean Massage

Flowing in a continuous motion, this massage addresses the scalp, face, décolleté, arms and trapezius muscles, creating looseness and relaxation.

Using light stretches, pressure point massage and gentle tapotement, the nerve endings are stimulated and the lymphatic system is awakened. Warm oils are applied gently to the body, and combined with controlled breathing techniques to open the chest, the massage is the perfect combination of massage and aromatherapy.

CC-SUMMER Spa Massage Room

Massage Pacifique

A deep pressured back massage with the inclusion of Thai poultices, this is a massage designed to relax and rejuvenate. Made from clear waters and fine sands, these poultice pouches are infused with herbal extracts that penetrate deep into the body’s muscle tissues. Lose yourself to the sweet scents of Monoi, for a moment of unparalleled relaxation and unwinding.

Platinum Deluxe HydraFacial

Lymphatic drainage massage gently targets the lymphatic system just under your skin. While touted as a way to flush toxins, it’s mainly used to help with swelling from extra lymph fluid in your tissues. This helps relieve puffiness and build up on the sinuses, as well as in the face and neck. Additionally, a high intensity hydration mask is applied to replenish the skin’s natural barrier. To complete the treatment, a tension releasing massage is performed on the neck and shoulders.

To maximize your experience of pampering and relaxation, CC-Summer can accommodate 29 crew members, personal chef teams, spa professionals and dive masters to ensure guests are able to enjoy every aspect of this exciting yacht.

CC_SUMMER Beach Club Spa on a yacht charter

Cabin Amenities

Cabins are split between four identical doubles aft, with two twin cabins forward, each with their own unique color scheme on display. The double features royal blues, accented by beige, turquoise and red, while the twins enjoy deeper reds and navys.

Each cabin comes with a lacquered Sycamore wardrobe, silk carpets, custom lampshades, with stunning hand dyed mother-of-pearl surrounds on the bathroom mirrors and light Calacatta marble throughout each bathroom, rounding out the experience of true opulence and luxury.

CC-SUMMER yacht charter colorful stateroom

The Moran Yacht & Ship Touch

Even before your custom luxury yacht charter experience begins, our team carefully plots every detail of your nautical adventure, from private jet and car transportation to personalized menus, tastings, cocktail availability, spa treatment options or any other special requests. You’ll enjoy gourmet meals prepared by our service members — or your own personal chef.

From cabin amenities to top-side socializing options; from deep sea diving to deep tissue massage, there is truly no limit to what your yacht charter can offer.