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Yacht Brokerage

Selling a luxury motor yacht can be a significant enterprise, and with a transaction of such size, it is imperative to consult the services of an experienced professional.

Over 25 years of brokerage sales and purchases, combined with countless years of working at sea, allow the team at Moran Yacht & Ship to offer our clients and unparalleled level of technical knowledge and experience along with the resources and relationships needed to successfully execute their transaction.

The moment Moran Yacht & Ship is appointed as the exclusive agent for the sale of a vessel, our sales and marketing team go to work to develop and implement a tailored strategy to achieve a speedy and successful sale. Without delay we begin promoting the yacht directly to a targeted list of potential yacht buyers all over the world. We utilize our network of repeat clients and referrals to aggressively market the vessel. By employing a proactive approach of direct contact with these individuals including telephone, email, hard copy mailings and face-to-face meetings, we have produced astonishing results for our clients.

The fact remains that Moran Yacht & Ship has consistently sold luxury motor yachts in a timely basis for over 25 years. 

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