Interview with the owner of Hakvoort’s Allegria

By Merijn de Waard

In 2004 the Monnickendam based Hakvoort shipyard launched the 46m Flamingo Daze, today known as AllegriaAllegria was designed by Glade Johnson with naval architecture by Vripack. Early 2007 she was sold and her current owner made substantial improvements to the yacht, making her one of the most popular charter yachts. SYT speaks with the owner of Allegria.

SYT: How did you get in touch with yachts?
Owner: Did first charter on a small 100’ boat in the Virgin Islands. It was such a peaceful, relaxing way to get away from everything.

SYT: When did you first see Allegria and what made you decide to buy her? Have you looked at many other yachts?
Owner: We chartered Allegria once before purchasing her. She was called Flamingo Daze then. Do we look at other yachts? Yes, we look at yachts all the time!!! We believe in full displacement yachts that are environmentally advanced, with modern styling. We embrace the best of both classic and contemporary design.

SYT: Have you owned any other yachts before Allegria?
Owner: We owned L’Elegance (a Feadship 148’) and  (a Lürssen 192’).

SYT: Have you considered building a yacht to your own wishes or are you planning to do so in the future?
Owner: We built Capri. We will probably build again.

SYT: Have you made any modifications to Allegria?
Owner: We have made substantial improvements. While the yacht was awesome when launched in 2004, we decided to invest and bring Allegria up to the highest level of luxury and capability possible. Here are a few of the additions/improvements:

  • Completely new VSAT communications system with VOIP capability throughout the yacht. High speed Internet 24/7.
  • Completely new computer server system allowing Internet access, email, etc. throughout the yacht.
  • Completely new audio/video system including two Kaleidescape servers (this is the only boat I know that has two of these systems), new wireless touch panels throughout the yacht, extensive music and movie library on-demand (no DVDs to load or previews to sit through!), Xbox 360 + games, etc.
  • Revamped generator system to become even more environmentally friendly.
  • Interior remodel including adding multiple temperature-controlled wine storage cabinets, owner cabin private mini-bar refrigerator, new bookshelves, updated galley for prep frig, and on and on. Improvements are too numerous to list.
  • New exquisite art work throughout the yacht.
  • New silverware, china, guest amenities, etc.

SYT: Do you use the services of a yacht broker and if so, what do you expect from your broker?
Owner: We have used Moran Yacht & Ship for many years. And of course they work with other brokers for chartering Allegria.

SYT: What do you think of the yacht industry in general? Do you think something should change?
Owner: We love the yachting industry. There is so much more that can be done to protect oceans and marine habitats; we look forward to the yachting industry taking a leadership role in marine conservation efforts.

SYT: What is the biggest joy of owning a yacht?
 There are so many. Here are some we love:

  • Leaving a port at night and standing out on the deck watching the harbor and the town lights slip away.
  • Heading into a full moon on a calm night.
  • Gathering family and friends for some of the best times of their lives – with all the laughing and joy that comes with it.
  • Watching dolphins race the bow
  • Having a champagne picnic on a white sand beach and seeing absolutely no one – no boats, no people – just nature.

SYT: What are your favorite cruising destinations? Do you plan to visit any remote destinations?
Owner: We have travelled extensively throughout the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Adriatic, as well as the Caribbean. We love many places. Places like Montenegro and Santorini are breathtaking, but still my personal favorite is the Exumas. We have a lot more of the world to see.

SYT: What do you like to do onboard?
Owner: We love to just “be”. Our goal with Allegria is to create a very unique experience – one that is not forgotten. That is how the crew is trained. So, we usually vary our itineraries from hip places like Ios, Greece, for the nightlife to beautiful peaceful white sand beaches that you can only find with a yacht. We enjoy fine foods and wines, watching movies, and listening to music. Also, we like to be physically active by running, kayaking, hiking, swimming, wakeboarding, and bicycling.

SYT: Where will Allegria be cruising this winter and is she still available for charter?
Owner: This winter Allegria is in the Caribbean. It will leave for the Med in the late Spring.

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