• Charter a luxury yacht in the Caribbean

Turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and tropical rainforests await visitors to the Caribbean. With over 7000 islands to choose from, each with their own distinctive character, the opportunities for a luxury yacht charter are endless. There is the vibrant island culture, spectacular scenery, and the thought of a deserted beach where you can be your own castaway.

With abundant marine life in rainbow colours the delights of snorkelling and scuba diving are too good to miss. The bird watching is superb too with many indigenous and migratory species. Sailing from island to island is a mesmerising way to appreciate the natural beauty of the Caribbean. From the lush scenery of the Windward Islands to the fishing villages of St Lucia and the underwater paradise of the Turks and Caicos Islands, the Caribbean has many places to explore. Meet the Trade Winds at the Leeward Islands and find pristine beaches, sunshine, and a warm welcome from the Virgin Islands, Antigua, St Kitts, Nevis, and more. Exploring Barbados and its historic towns, plantation houses and quieter coves is just one more possibility of places to go.

The Caribbean is a destination to enjoy and to savour slowly, absorbing the hospitality, the taste of the cuisine, and the energetic and distinctive music. It is a place to watch beautiful sunsets and make lasting memories with friends and family.

Caribbean Region Map


Leeward Islands

St. Martin/ St. Maarten is the smallest island in the world under the governance of two countries, France and the Netherlands. St. Martin is the northern side of the island and is the less developed and secluded side of the island. The Dutch side, St Maarten, is more developed with water sports and beach side towns. The two independent regions offer a wonderful mix of the cosmopolitan and traditional Caribbean beaches and traditions. Anguilla is one of the most elegant islands in the Caribbean: it has been discovered, but not by the masses. The island has maintained a balance of high end developments with strict zoning laws that blend a sophistication with island beauty. The island has world class amenities from a spa treatment at Malliouhana to a Greg Norman designed golf course, there is something on Anguilla for everyone. Saint-Barathelemy, was named by Christopher Columbus after his brother in 1493. St. Barts has only recently developed a tourism based economy, but the old island charm has remained intact. The island has abundant marine parks and offer plenty of beaches to snorkel and swim. The island has many restaurants, spas, and boutiques to spend the day relaxing. It is not hard to see why the super yacht’s come here every year in force. St. Kitts and Nevis are like no other islands in the Caribbean, and they are only separated by two miles of crystal clear water. The island is surrounded by coral reefs and wrecks that sit in shallow water that recall its rich history as a sugar producer. St. Kitts is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, the impregnable fortress, which stood as the 'Gibraltar of the West Indies', renowned for its historical, cultural, and architectural significance. Antigua and Barbuda are unusual in the Caribbean, neither a destination for duty-free shoppers nor a lazy beach resort. They have a rich history that has been preserved and manages to combine history, tourism, and Caribbean laid-back vibe. Antigua and Barbuda have abundant things to do and see and could keep someone captive in day dreams for years. Guadeloupe blends the best of France, a contemporary infrastructure and fantastic food, with a local culture that locals here are proud of and want to share. Guadeloupe is shaped like a butterfly with Grande-Terre to the east and Basse-Terre to the west is connected by a narrow spit of mangrove. The clear Caribbean water extends from long stretches of beach that surround the island. The island is one of the developed in the Caribbean, but they are still plenty of places to get away from it all on Guadeloupe. 

Windward Islands

Dominica has been affectionately the "Nature Isle of the Caribbean" for its pristine natural beauty. It is the youngest island in the Lesser Antilles, still being formed by geothermal-volcanic activity, as demonstrated by the world's second-largest hot spring, Boiling Lake. The island was named after the day it was discovered Sunday or “Dominica.” The island is segmented with over 365 rivers through the island. The spectacular flora and fauna of Dominica make it a must see as the northern-most island in the Windward Islands.Martinique, an overseas region of France, is directly north of St. Lucia, northwest of Barbados, and south of Dominica. As with the other overseas departments, Martinique is one of the twenty-seven regions of France and an integral part of the French Republic. As part of France, Martinique is part of the European Union, and its currency is the Euro. Its official language is French.St. Lucia is in the middle of the Windward Islands. The British and French fought over the island and sovereignty was shifted between these two country’s 14 times. The vivid history creates a culture unlike the other island in the Caribbean. The uniqueness of the island makes it a tourism hotspot with a playful Caribbean vibe. As one of the more mountainous islands, St. Lucia offers gorgeous mountain scenery.St. Vincent and the Grenadines are a perfect gateway to the Caribbean. St. Vincent has the modern amenities to get too and the calmness of the Grenadines lure most visitors to them. Stretched out with St. Vincent in the North and the Grenadines to the South offer a glimpse of the Caribbean life of the past. Many of the inhabitants do no solely rely on tourism as their main sources of income. It is easy for anyone to appreciate the lush rainforests and spectacular interior. A fun and easy cruise through the Grenadines will be a timeless memory.Grenada nicknamed the “island of spice” because of the production of nutmeg and mace crops of which Grenada is one of the world's largest producers. Relaxing beaches surround the island and the interior is lush tropical rainforest. Eclectic villages string together on the coast of the island to form a beautiful drive through the country side. The Grenadians make a habit out of being relaxed and it is infectious. The lull of island life is in full force and make Grenada and special place. 

Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are divided into two separate entities, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands. The U.S. Virgin islands offers a diverse collection of keen environmental preservation, timeworn plantations, and unspoiled ocean. The quiet island, St. Johns, is blanketed by a park which extends into the sea, creating a pristine island paradise. A water enthusiast’s tropical paradise, St. Thomas, provides countless places to dive, sail, fish, and relax on the beach. St. Croix is the largest island in the group and offers clear Caribbean water and scenic coastline. East of the U.S. Virgin Islands lie, the British Virgin Islands, the breathtaking sailing and yachting capitol of the Caribbean. Light trade winds coupled with tame currents pave the way for hundreds of small protected bays to anchor and explore. With over 40 islands, the islands welcome visitors with ridiculous amount of beach and sun. The largest island, Tortola, is the heart of the group and has the majority of the chain’s infrastructure and yet still offers isolated beaches and anchorages to enjoy. Tortola set the standard for a full-moon beach party and attendance should be on everyone’s bucket list. Jost Van Dyke has the world famous beach-bar named Foxy’s which is always entertaining. The Virgin Islands create an unspoiled paradise and can't be compared to any other place in the world.

Turks & Caicos

The Turks and Caicos is the bridge between the Bahamas and the rest of the Caribbean. Providenciales or more commonly known as “Provo” is the most developed Island with an extensive infrastructure of hotels, restaurants, and facilities. Even though Provo is developed, it has still managed to maintain a rustic island feel. Visiting the conch farm on Provo is a fascinating, as it is the only one in the world. Middle Caicos and North Caicos embody the unsurpassed preservation of the environment, with lush tropical woodlands, the largest cave network in the Caribbean, cottage pond and flamingo pond in North Caicos and a range of wildlife. Grand Turk and Salt Cay have a rich history complete with Bermudian styled homes and friendly island charm. The Islands have the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the serene Caicos bank to the south. The Caicos bank provides excellent anchorage in a shallow crystal water. The Turks and Caicos is a great destination for a charter.

Dominican Republic

There is no place in the world like the Dominican Republic. More than just beach resorts, the Dominican Republic has one of the most beautifully diverse coastlines in the world with ragged rocky cliffs and palm tree studded beaches extending for hundreds of miles. On the eastern side of the island the resort town of Punta Cana has incredible golf courses, chic restaurants, gorgeous beaches and 5-star resorts. The northern coast of the Dominican Republic’s heart is Puerto Plata, a perfect place to be pampered in between the beach and dinner. A quick trip to Santo Domingo will let you experience the oldest city in the new world with its fascinating history and culture.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is unlike any other place in the Caribbean, come for a visit and live your own 5-star vacation. San Juan is where the old and new come together and give the island it’s heart and soul. Old San Juan is a breathtaking ancient city that has managed to retain its charisma. The ocean is the main attraction in the west and sports some of the best surfing in the entire Caribbean. In the east, the ocean teems with life and creates the ideal place to explore underneath the surface. With all it has to offer, Puerto Rico is sure to exceed all expectations.