Founded in 1964

Since the founding of the Westport Shipyard in 1964, we have built and launched a wide variety of vessels, from commercial fishing boats and fast passenger ferries to luxurious motoryachts. Westport was a pioneer in the use of composite materials in yacht and commercial construction, and to date has completed a total of more than 50 yachts and many commercial vessels.

Our original focus on ocean-going craft for the North Pacific commercial fishing fleet has become a cornerstone of our dedication to quality design and construction, and is reflected in the steadfast seaworthiness of each motoryacht we have built.

Today, Westport builds composite motoryachts exclusively, each one an eloquent statement of elegant style, stellar performance and unsurpassed comfort...and each one efficiently crafted.

What Makes Westport Your Best Choice?

Westport offers a range of series-built composite motoryachts, an area of specialization that presents a number of significant advantages to the owner, and provides the best assurance of complete enjoyment.

Westport’s philosophy as a yacht builder is comparable to that of the aviation industry, a sector where quality is absolutely essential.  Builders of private and business jets, for example, follow an extensive, thoroughly detailed development process; new designs are engineered to perform to a specific, known standard.  Moreover, they all are built in series, simply because no one-off custom aircraft could support the cost of that process

Similarly, series production of motoryachts enables the builder to distribute development costs among several units, and therefore to justify a sizeable investment in naval architecture, styling and interior design, to engineer and document the build down to the last detail, and to acquire the ideal infrastructure—molds, fixtures, equipment…even buildings—for unsurpassed precision and control throughout the entire construction process.

Not many builders have the size and resources to make the kind of investment necessary to implement true series production.  Westport does…and the advantages are many:

Westport applies the most advanced composite technologies and materials—like infusion, resin impregnation and advanced coring materials—to create vessels that are both light in weight and superior in strength, comparing favorably to steel and aluminum but without vulnerability to corrosion.  Composite yachts require less maintenance, so their owners spend more time cruising, and less time in dry dock.

A fine composite yacht requires exceptional molds, and here Westport has no equal.  Computer-driven milling processes ensure a flawless finish on every part, and they allow engineers to integrate more features into each mold to reduce the number of mechanically-fastened sub-assemblies for superior structural integrity.Proven coring materials and other state-of-the-art coring materials impart exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation properties, so Westport yachts are quieter, more comfortable and free of condensation problems.  Awlgrip™ paint systems create a brilliant finish on every Westport yacht for lasting beauty.

Components throughout are strictly first-class, products of the most respected suppliers in the business, and include MTU main engines,Northern Lights generators, Furuno and Transas navigation electronics, Naiad stabilizers and countless more, to ensure reliable operation.

That same investment in design, tooling, infrastructure and process engineering pays enormous dividends, enabling us to eliminate non-productive hours for a faster build and on-time delivery while adhering to the strictest quality standards.  Westport’s pricing is the most competitive in the industry…and the contracted price is the price you pay, with no surprises, no delays and no surcharges.  And that price is for a fully-equipped yacht, complete with electronics, tender, docklines, lines, dinnerware…even a full load of fuel.

As important as what a yacht costs is what it’s worth.  That’s why Westport has enlisted the talent of leading naval architects and designers—William Garden, Donald Starkey, Greg Marshall, Jack Sarin—working in concert with Taylor Olson and the rest of the Westport design and engineering team to develop beautiful, seaworthy, comfortable yachts.

Process engineering has a lot to do with value.  Engine installation, for example, takes place much later in the Westport build than conventional sequences would allow, and ensures the owner a fresh, new propulsion system that hasn’t sat in a hull for months or years, tying up capital while becoming dated…and often serving as a very expensive set of workbenches.

Westport’s exhaustive design, tooling and build engineering processes result in a range of yachts that meet known standards for speed, draft, seakeeping abilities and range.

Those performance standards include exceptional cruise speeds, allowing fast crossings and more frequent daylight arrivals at destination ports. At the same time, Westport yachts can be throttled back to deliver cruising range comparable to slower vessels.

Delivery schedules are equally predictable. Each Westport yacht undergoes extensive testing, system checks and pre-run in the finish bay, and so are ready to run, typically within mere hours of launch. While owners of other yachts often must endure weeks or months of completion and fitting-out, Westport owners are out cruising.

No wonder Westport has earned the confidence of owners and captains, who know they can count on their yachts to perform as promised…no excuses, no surprises.

Customer Support
Westport’s goal is to provide every client a completely enjoyable cruising and ownership experience.  To achieve that, we offer a full range of pro-active customer services on a global scale, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Each owner receives a comprehensive contact list for immediate access to technical professionals to address any service, maintenance or repair issue.  Additionally, Westport service teams maintain a schedule of regular contact with captains for service bulletins, operational advisories…or simply to ensure that all systems are go.

With a full support center on the U.S. East Coast and the resources of shipyard support staff, Westport can respond immediately to any service need, anywhere in the world.

As series-built vessels, Westport yachts are designed for broad, enduring appeal, so the same attributes that have made Westport Yachts so popular among new-boat owners also attract buyers in the brokerage market.  Compared to industry averages, Westport Yachts retain a remarkably high resale value. Better yet, they sell quickly, typically within three to six months of listing, a big reason why so many current Westport owners also are repeat customers.

With their refined, crisp exterior contours and warm, inviting interiors that never go out of style, Westport yachts enjoy a market of eager buyers, no matter how long you plan to enjoy yours.

Yachts Built By Westport
Photo of Westport 164 Motor Yacht HARMONY For Sale продажа яхты
Westport|2010|164'1" (50 m)|SOLD
Photo of Westport Yacht MARY ALICE II
Westport|2002|130 ft (39.62 m)|SOLD
Photo of Westport Yacht LADY KATHRYN IV build and sold by Moran Yacht & Ship
Westport|2009|164'1" (50 m)|
Exterior BOOK-ENDS yacht for sale Moran Yach & Ship
Westport|2013|130 ft (39.62 m)|SOLD