Perini Navi

Founded 1982

Perini Navi was established in the early Eighties with the aim of creating large, comfortable sailing yachts, capable of being handled by a single person. Today, the revolutionary control systems designed and developed by Fabio Perini and his team represent the state of the art in sailing technology, and have become a worldwide standard in the shipbuilding industry.

Currently, Perini Navi is the only shipyard in the world to design, develop and build its own sailing yachts.

In the course of the years, the development of Perini Navi has been accompanied by a strategy of expansion and acquisitions, to accommodate its growing production requirements, and to provide it with the necessary technical facilities.

In 1987, a new shipyard was opened in Tuzla, Turkey – one of Istanbul’s prime industrial areas. The new yard, called Perini Istanbul Yildiz Gemi, was created within the framework of Perini Navi’s business philosophy and quality standards.

At the beginning of the Nineties, a further development was made in Viareggio, Perini Navi’s home base, with the acquisition of Picchiotti, a historical yard, famous for its quality builds and pioneering skills.

The latest acquisition to date is that of Cantieri Navali Beconcini, in La Spezia, another jewel in the Italian shipbuilding tradition, fully equipped to provide assistance and maintenance facilities for the Perini Navi fleet.

Finally, Perini Navi USA was established in Newport, Rhode Island, dedicated to brokerage and charter services for Perini Navi yachts.

Credited with a combination of technical brilliance and first class design, Perini Navi yachts have always been in a class of their own. In 1982, unable to find a yacht suited to his personal concepts and ideas, Fabio Perini built the first prototype of what would prove to be the most successful series of large sailing yachts in the world.

After the first vessel built in 1983, Perini Navi built boats of 43 metres to then proceed with a series of boats of 46m, 48m, 50m, 52m and 58m until reaching today’s models which are 56m, 64m, 54m and the most recent 88m Maltese Falcon. 
Today the Perini Navi fleet includes 39 sailing yachts in navigation, plus the 8 yachts presently under construction.

At the end of the Eighties, the success of its original concept left Perini Navi short of building space and capacity. In the space of less than 24 months, both the Yildiz facility in Turkey and the Picchiotti yard in Viareggio were acquired and integrated into the production process.

With over 50 per cent of the world market for sailing yachts over 45m, Perini Navi’s track record has been nothing short of impressive. Never before has a yacht maker achieved so much, in so short a time.

In house design has allowed Perini Navi to implement without compromise its own vision, systems and inventions. All the sail controls are developed and manufactured in house, as are the masts and rigging. Exclusive Perini Navi software monitors yacht performance under sail, and relays the data back to Viareggio for analysis by the design and construction teams.

Yet, rather than for its technological breakthroughs, Perini Navi is now universally acclaimed for its quality of construction and interior finish, and its unique comfort both in harbour and at sea: features which have set an entirely new standard for large sailing vessels.

Formed in 1997, Perini Navi USA’s mandate was to provide a seamless point of contact in the western hemisphere for North and South American parties interested in Perini Navi yachts and the activities of our parent company in Viareggio, Italy. Perini Navi USA is the source for information on Sales, Brokerage and Charter of Perini Navis, and through the Perini Navi Owners Program has successfully assisted many Perini owners throughout their ownership process whether it is in pursuing a pre-owned or new Perini, or selling, racing or chartering their own Perini Navi yacht.

Located in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, in the heart of the sailing capital of the United States, we are always ready to discuss Perini Navi yachts with interested customers and brokers. Managed by Bruce Brakenhoff, Jr. in collaboration with Rana Johnson, Perini Navi USA, Inc. is 100% committed to Perini Navi yachts, their owners and their crew.