Ferretti Yachts

Founded in 1968

Ferretti Yachts is today the original company of the Holding International Ferretti Group, a large group in continual expansion that includes several brands of major prestige in the nautical world. 600 collaborators, 3 operative docks, 4 shipyards, an international network of approximately 40 dealers, 100 service points distributed throughout the world, a presence in over 50 countries and culminating in 38 years of experience.

These are the most significant numbers of an entrepreneurial idea that from Italy has conquered every important port around the world, reaffirming the success of a unique philosophy like the name Ferretti itself confirms. The Ferretti production is unequalled throughout the world.

The quality, innovation and care for detail are the most evident testimonials of the dedication to design and to the uniquely exclusive construction. If it is not easy to turn dreams into reality, it is not even simple to keep them alive.

Yachts Built By Ferretti Yachts
Ferretti Yachts|2007|68'11" (21 m)|€850,000