De Birs

Founded in 1999

At De Birs Yachts we bring together some of the most exciting European Yacht designers and engineers with US executives and businessmen to take full advantage of their combined experiences and the most competitive and highly skilled labor and manufacturing rates in the world. These factors come together to enable us to produce the unique De Birs line. We believe we have the most exciting Motor Yachts in the world today, press seems to agree, that also provides the highest possible value for today's yachtsman. Our philosophy is simple:

“Provide luxury Motor Yachts on a turnkey basis with as much appeal to the owner's checkbook as his love of the sea and beautiful yachts".

The strategy behind De Birs Yachts was developed to meet specific criteria of clients who demanded an exceptionally well designed and produced luxury motor yacht, compact in overall size, voluminous in its interior, configured to separate the crew from the owner & guests, while being offered at a price well below the nearest competitor. Modern styling, engineering systems and most importantly innovative thinking is the hallmark that is attributed to the De Birs product and brand.

De Birs Yachts is known for its timeless & innovative Motor Yachts. Derived from the private aviation industry, our discriminators and key design features are Unmatched Space, Multi-Functionality and Separation of Crew, which set us apart from the rest and are found on all of our products. Our production line offers - our flagship - the De Birs 85’ RPH LX, the De Birs 86’ Sports & Diving variant, the De Birs 100’ Sports Yacht and the NEW exciting De Birs 112’ RPH LX.

Our invested expertise into the design of the De Birs 85 Motor Yachts spans over 25 years of successful boat building starting out from racing world to luxury performance yachts. This experience translates well to accommodate the taste, desires and requirements of our Yacht owners. Our product line is Italian designed built by a renowned Italian Naval Architect. It is a vision of Naval Architects and Aviation Executives, which explains the sleek almost aircraft looks, functionality and quality.