Founded in the mid-1980s

The Christensen Shipyard located in the beautiful Northwestern U.S., in Vancouver, Washington, consists of over 160,000 square feet of climate controlled manufacturing space and a seven-acre marina. Our state of the art facility is key to our ability to adhere to high manufacturing standards and building yachts of unyielding quality and beauty.  We have 12 large manufacturing and assembly bays, one of which houses our expandable mold for hulls from 100 to 165 feet, and is the heart of our facility.

We have also expanded our shipyard with a new bay to connect the shipyard and the cabinet shop. Our new bay features an 80’ ceiling that allows us to complete the yachts indoors before moving them to the water. This new expansion includes water heated floors, a new warehouse and a loft area for additional part fabrication.

We are also proud to announce the addition of the marble shop adding another 10,0000 sqft to our facilities. This collaboration with Homechick Stoneworks will bring one of the last outsourced crafts into the shipyard - thus controlling quality and delivery times. The marble shop is set up to house a state of the art water jet-cutter.

All construction operations revolve around these bays. One bay is fully enclosed to create a clean, controlled environment in which to paint yacht exteriors. The locations of the electrical department, metal shop, wood and metal paint shops, cabinet shop and upholstery department make it convenient to transport parts to the yachts under construction. Our gated and enclosed seven-acre marina is a secure area for in-water work and yacht deliveries, and can accommodate up to seven Christensen yachts.  Our dry dock can also accommodate up to a 400 ton yacht.

Yachts Built By Christensen
ONE MORE TOY 47m for charter чартер яхты
Christensen|2001|154'9" (47.17 m)|From $150,000
SKYETIME 40m exterior for charter чартер яхты
Christensen|1990|130 ft (39.62 m)|$ 85000