Blohm + Voss

Founded 1887

The core business for Blohm + Voss Shipyards will focus on the construction of luxury yachts from 80 meters in length. With high-quality, technologically cutting-edge products, the company will continue to enter further lucrative markets in the future. It will also continue to offer production facilities for naval vessels of all types.

We built our first yacht, the HOHENZOLLERN, in 1887. In those days, yachts of any size were a rare species indeed. Most had been contracted by royal families, as visible displays of power, wealth and culture. They were instruments of state, devised as sea-going domiciles for families, guests and members of government and court. 

Today, over a 120 years later, the large yachts gracing our building facilities have been contracted by industrial leaders, by globally operating companies – and by royal families from all corners of the world.

In the process of developing and building a new yacht, our clients benefit from our defence industry expertise. The specialized vessels we build in this field of activities are all state of the art – and second to none. Customers building yachts with us reap profit from the oceans of experience we have gathered from the enormous challenge and complexity presented by naval shipbuilding.