Founded in 1854

Baglietto group is made of two shipyards, one located in Varazze and the other in La Spezia. Baglietto shipyards are specialized in aluminium and steel constructions: our products consist of luxury motor yachts, military boats, coast-guard patrol boats, fast ferries, work boats, commercial vessels, tugs, passenger crafts.

Both shipyards have their own design department (with Autocad system, microstation, other technical and calculating softwares) and systems allowing to haul, launch and build vessels from 18m up to 150m in length and 650 tons in weight. The facilities employ permanently over 50 persons, while the specialized sub-contractors involved in shipbuilding are over 400.

The shipyards of Varazze and La Spezia allow a significant exchange of experiences as regards to the present market requests: Varazze’s experience in the construction of fast hulls and light alloy vessels joins the La Spezia’s in the construction of large vessels and marine equipment, hence offering a technical level and a productive capacity hard to be found in other Mediterranean shipyards but comparable to the most important North European yards. 

Baglietto’s production is therefore divided as follows: Varazze’s yard concentrates on fast motor yachts up to 40m, while the La Spezia’s on fast ferries, military vessels and luxurious mega yachts over 40m.