Founded in 1969

1969 - Paolo Vitelli, before taking his University degree started his own company in Turin, Italy. The purpose of the business was to charter sailing boats. Therefore he transformed his passion into a business, becoming a renowned manufacturer of luxury motor yachts.

Amerglass, a modern Dutch shipyard producing boats in fibreglass, conferred the first dealership contract in Italy on the newly-founded power boat manufacturer Azimut. The business developed quickly, adding the distribution of sailing boats, motorcruisers and finally motoryachts from different makers: British Powles, Westerly, and others.

The product of a joint-venture with Amerglass, the first fibreglass motorcruiser developed, the AZ 43 BALI, was an instant success.
The range of motorcruisers extended downwards with the introduction in 1977 of the AZ 32 Targa model: soon after, a full range of successful luxury Motorcruiser and Motoryacht models came onto the market.

In 1982 Azimut launched the Azimut 105’ Failiaka. Designed by Costaguta and Disdale, the Azimut 105’ FAILAKA was the largest fibreglass yacht at the time produced in series. Quite revolutionary in terms of design and technology, it was able to reach speeds of 32 knots. Among famous owners, the fabled Christina Onassis …

The Benetti shipyard, based in Viareggio had been owned by the Benetti family since its foundation in 1873 and in 1985 was taken over by Azimut. The yard had earned an exceptional reputation as the boats builder in classical lines, fitted out with luxury interiors.

Unsurpassed in producing top class boats based on traditional craftsmanship, Benetti were revolutionary on account of being the first to introduce and develop the modern concept of “motoryachts”, quoting one example the: “delfino” line.

Taking over Benetti, for Azimut was not just a major financial investment but also brought advanced technical expertise, development and planning methods, together with a complete revitalization of yards and plant.

In 1994, inspired by the automotive sector, and after stringent test done by skilled engineers, Azimut introduced the frameless window on the market. Thanks to a special elastic paste - capable of expanding its length eight times - the lateral windows were glued directly onto the fibreglass, without the need of any steel frame. The result was an unprecedented external design, characterized by sleek and sinuous line. The AZ 43 was the first motorcruiser to benefit from this technique.

According to the new standards, two new models came onto the market: AZ 54 and Azimut 78 Ultra. They are the first of the new Azimut generation, both designed by a passionate, young Italian designer with revolutionary ideas and style: Stefano Righini. Through the introduction of rounded shapes and elliptical windows, Azimut set the standard for design in the power boat manufacturer industry.

At the end the whole complex is the core of the Azimut and Benetti yachts and megayachts production Network, providing also a full maintenance and refitting center.

Today Azimut Yachts offers a full range of flybridge motoryacht for sale from 40’ to 116’ and since October 2003 a new range of Azimut Open Line boats (S line) from 50’ to 100’.

Yachts Built By Azimut
Azimut|2000|69'11" (21.3 m)|$675,000